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Wiki Usage Rules
review the Wiki Usage Rules before proceeding. Thanks.

Welcome to the SOA Community Wiki!

SOA enables companies to implement and adapt business processes with unprecedented speed and ease, and to break down processes into smaller process steps for reusable enterprise services that can easily be adapted to changing business needs. As "one-stop shop" of integrated accelerators complementing the new ASAP 7 methodology framework, the SOA KIT, AN ADD-ON TO ASAP, offers customers a wide range of accelerators complementing ASAP 7, which are aligned along the phases of strategy, plan, build and run of your SOA journey. The SOA kit offers a phase and role based structure needed to efficiently be guided and enabled to leverage SOA within your implementation projects.

The feedback area of the SOA Community in SCN is the place where you can share your feedback about the SOA Kit, the Customer Journey for SOA and SOA topics in general.

Enterprise Services (ES) bundles provide an ideal starting point to explore the impact of SOA for your business processes. They build the comprehensive portfolio of business scenario descriptions that are SOA-enabled by solutions and enterprise services shipped by SAP today. By reading ES bundles documentation, you will be able to understand the impact of SOA on your business processes even without profound knowledge about SAP solutions or technology. Each ES bundle refers to a set of enterprise services that support a particular business process and are made available as part of the SAP Enhancement Packages for SAP Business Suite solutions.

The ES bundles area of the SOA Community in SCN is the collaborative environment where the global community of developers, architects and business process experts can learn about how to put SOA to work and share tips and tricks related to the use of enterprise services.

End-to-end processes fully leverage the horizontal and vertical integration capabilities of SAP Business Suite, thus enabling optimization of complex business processes across lines of business and even across company borders. A multitude of assets and tools from the SAP NetWeaver and the SAP BusinessObjects portfolio for business process modeling, design, management and composition, together with the Enterprise Sevices Repository and a rich portfolio of pre-packaged, ready to use enterprise services, help implement business processes in the most efficient way.

The End-to-End Processes Wiki is the place where you can learn and collaborate on how to implement and optimize your business processes most effectively and seamlessly by taking advantage of SOA and all other capabilities of SAP Business Suite and SAP NetWeaver.


  1. Unknown User (107w8gxdc)

    Thanks for the great demo @ Sapphire.  This is fantastic.  Great work. 

    As mentioned it may be of benefit to include visual representations of the information on the site.  Quick links via a flow diagram which enables one to get a pictorial overview of structure and form, architecture, etc.  I tend to be very left-brained but more and more rely on visual cues and learning maps.

  2. Unknown User (106z1v4lw)

    I am looking to develop some service extensions for the GTS system, but do not see any specific services listing for GTS in the Enterprise Services Catalog. Is there a timeline for the availability of this service?

  3. Unknown User (1073u016z)

    Hello, I'm looking for a Sap web services to attach one document from P8 Content Manager (IBM) to the following SAP R3 transactions: MIRO, F-43, F-47 .

  4. @RajeevM: Currently there are no plans to extend GTS with enterprise services.

    @AidaSuarez: For detailed technical information about enterprise services please refer to the ES Workplace (

  5. I was wondering if  there is an SAP Enterprise Service offering for journal entries, an equivalent to FB50 ?I couldn't see one under finance.

  6. Hi Clinton,

    for a powerful search engine and technical details on enterprise services, I recommend the ES Workplace at

    Regards, Volker

  7. Unknown User (101w2e9r9)

    Hi there

    I have to connect to a system where the user does not know if any ES Bundles are installed or not. Is there a way once I have logged on to the system to determine which ES Bundles if any have been installed?

    Part 2 to this question is of course how hard is it to install & configure a bundle if I have to install the bundle I am looking for?


  8. Hi Troy,

    please note that an ES Bundle is not an installable entity. What you have to install is the relevant SAP Enhancement Package where the respective enterprise services have been shipped with. This information is available in the ES Workplace. For details on the concept of ES bundles and how to access and install the respective services, please see the white paper SOA Made Easy With SAP.

    Best regards

  9. Unknown User (k2kyp1j)


    What a great site this is.

    I've been searching some detailed info on the services registry web services and by now I have only been able to find info on the project system in this URL:

    Is there something like it for other modules like MM, QM, FI or CO? because I have not found it.

    Thanks a lot.

  10. Hi Jportelas,

    this site is primarily on business processes rather than solution components, Project System is one of the exceptions.

    You may look at the following pages instead:

    • MM: Integration of Manufacturing Execution Systems, Manufacturing Work Instructions, Technical Document Management Connectivity
    • QM: Integration of Quality Management Systems, Maintenance Processing, Maintenance Service Collaboration
    • FI: Credit Management, Dispute Management, Electronic Bill Presentment and Payment, Legal Dunning and External Collections

    Hope this helps.

    Regards, Volker

  11. Today  I am not able to reach detailed technical information about enterprise services on the ES Workplace (

    Is this website offline?