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  • SAP invites you to review and update the content of the Enterprise Services Wiki.
  • We are very interested in receiving your inputs and comments so that we can have an improved set of ES Bundles that will be useful for all SAP users.
  • Please understand that the ES Bundles are part of SAP product and are the intellectual property of SAP. We post the ES Bundles in a Wiki in the hopes that through proper use of the Wiki, everyone in the community will benefit from community inputs. But the ES Bundles content can be misused or abused, and we are asking all community members to avoid this.
  • Please do not use the ES Bundles (in original form or any updated/modified versions) in any non-SAP context.
  • You will need an SAP software license to develop and/or test or demonstrate product. If you do not currently have a software license from SAP, please contact us.
  • Please note that while we intend for your inputs and comments to be included in the Wiki, if at any time we believes that we must withdraw content from a posting, then we will do so.
  • For further details on our ES Bundles usage terms, click here.
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