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The Enterprise Services Workplace (ES Workplace) is a testing ground for SAP's enterprise SOA. You can test enterprise services, review business objects, view WSDL, examine service interfaces, and explore models that explain how business objects, enterprise services, and enterprise service interfaces relate to each other.

On the home page for the ES Workplace, you'll see the Enterprise Services Index. The services are indexed two ways:

  • By process component
  • By ES bundle

What is the difference between a process component and an ES bundle?

A process component enables an area of business functionality from a development perspective. For example, the process component Business Partner Data Management includes enterprise services that relate to business partners, whether customers, employees, or partners. In a process component, you'll typically find Create, Update, Change, and Delete (CRUD) enterprise services under an enterprise service interface often starting with Manage. You'll find Find type enterprise services under an enterprise service interface starting with Query. And business objects (the nouns of enterprise SOA, such as Customer, Employee, and Material) are under process components as well. You'll see all of these related in a diagram. For developers, these diagrams are telling. But for people in the business world, trying to solve real business problems, it's quite a leap from a process component diagram to knowing how to do something concrete with enterprise SOA.

That's where ES bundles come in. An ES bundle is a group of process components, enterprise services, and business objects that enables very concrete and specific business scenarios in a very flexible manner. Here are just a few examples:

All of these ES bundles use the Business Partner Data Management process component, but they use other ones as well.

That's why the home page of the ES Workplace mentions that exploring enterprise services by process component is a software provider's view and exploring them by ES bundles is a business domain view. The doorway for exploring enterprise services by ES bundle will lead you back to the Enterprise Services wiki, which provides information about ES bundles. New bundles are added all the time to the wiki. As you use the ES bundles, you are invited to update the wiki pages with your experiences, with sample code, and other relevant information.

As you explore the Enterprise Services wiki and drill down into particular enterprise services, you'll find links back to the ES Workplace that will lead you to relevant process component diagrams and even WSDL for each enterprise service that is available in the ES Workplace.