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SAP Enhancement Packagesare optional updates to SAP Business Suite components such asSAP ERP 6.0that usually arrive every year-end as part of SAP's release strategy announced in 2006. Under this strategy, SAP Business Suite solutions will remain stable and will be updated through enhancement packages. SAP Enhancement Packages contain new functionality and capabilities, innovations to streamline implementation of shared services, industry-specific enhancements and enterprise services for standardized and simplified integration.
Two major characteristics comprise the key difference between SAP Enhancement Packages and previous technologies:

  1. Selective installation of software components.
  2. Selective activation of new functionality via Switch Framework.

Therefore with SAP Enhancement Packages the methodology for implementing new functionality significantly changed.

Part of each SAP Enhancement Package will be a set of enterprise services (ES) bundles, which will provide coherent sets of enterprise services that can be used to build composite applications solve emerging business problems.

Please note that the system requirements for each ES bundle specify the earliest SAP Enhancement Package or Add-on for which this ES bundle has been shipped. The latest release of an SAP Enhancement Package or Add-on always includes all earlier versions. Later shipments of the same ES bundle might include additional, updated or corrected enterprise services. SAP therefore recommends to always use the latest version of an SAP Enhancement Package or Add-on. For detailed technical information on enterprise services please refer to ES Workplace.