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The Financial Instrument Position Accounting Period Total Analytical Result business object represents the result of the determination of an individual financial instrument position's accounting period total. An accounting period total is determined by aggregating all changes of a specific PostingKeyFigure within an accounting period. Accounting period totals describe the contribution of a financial instrument position to the different items of the balance sheet and the profit and loss statement for a specific accounting period and in accordance with a specific accounting standard. For intra-period analysis accounting period totals are required as period-to-date totals. Period-to-date totals are determined by aggregating all changes of a PostingKeyFigure from the first day of the period to a specific date. An accounting total is used for reporting purposes. It should not be mixed up with an accounting balance. Accounting balances of a date are the sum of all contributions from the entire past up to this date. Example: Period 1 produces an interest income of 5 euros, period 2 again an interest income of 5 euros. The total of period 2 is 5 euros, while the balance is 10 euros.

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