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The HCM Enterprise Learning ES bundle helps an SAP Enterprise Learning administrator create and manage training courses conducted through an external third-party online learning system, such as a "virtual classroom." This ES bundle interfaces with the external system so that, when an SAP training administrator creates a course in SAP Enterprise Learning, the course is also created in the external system without requiring the training administrator to leave the SAP Enterprise Learning user interface. When a training course is conducted in a virtual classroom, details of that course will be maintained in the external system as well as in SAP Enterprise Learning. The bundle relays information gathered by the external system back to SAP Enterprise Learning, such as data necessary to create a consolidated list of all courses in the SAP system. By removing the need for the training administrator to manually transfer information from system to system, human error and delays in data processing are reduced or removed.

The HCM Enterprise Learning ES bundle can be used to retrieve the course catalog from an external service provider based on search criteria dictated by the training administrator. Additionally, the bundle can be used to add a new course, change the details of a course, or cancel a course in the catalog of the external service provider.

The HCM Enterprise Learning ES bundle leverages enterprise SOA by connecting SAP Enterprise Learning with online third-party learning systems (such as Adobe Acrobat Connect Professional) using enterprise services.


Enterprises that provide training programs to their employees--particularly, programs that are held in online virtual classrooms--will find this ES bundle of value for managing administrative information. Training administrators will be able to create and maintain courses in SAP Enterprise Learning without need to perform additional work in the third-party system, saving time while reducing the potential for system-to-system errors.

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For details on Service Operations, Business Objects and Process Components, please check the ES Workplace.

How To Use This ES Bundle

The Internet has provided enterprises with alternative tools for employee training. Virtual classrooms have simplified the task of concurrently training employees who do not work in the enterprise's central office, while other individuals can attend an online training course at their convenience. The HCM Enterprise Learning ES bundle provides a bridge between SAP Enterprise Learning and a third-party system so that a training administrator can create and maintain courses to be conducted in an external learning system, without leaving the SAP Enterprise Learning user interface. The ES bundle also automatically makes the external courses available in the SAP Enterprise Learning catalog without any time delay.

The following series of use cases for the HCM Enterprise Learning ES bundle show how different outcomes can be achieved by using the enterprise services in different combinations. Note that these examples may refer to users directly invoking enterprise services. This illustrates the flow of the service operations; in fact, service operations are invoked by an application, by an application's user interface, or by another service operation. While these examples illustrate a few of the ways that this ES bundle could be used, the intention is to show the flexibility and reusability of these business objects and enterprise service operations so that you will have a clearer understanding of how to best deploy them in your own environment. This wiki is also a space for you to share knowledge and collaborate with others who are implementing the HCM Enterprise Learning ES bundle.

Use Case 1: Creating a Course

The training administrator needs to create a training course. If the course is to be presented via an external learning system, such as Adobe Acrobat Connect Professional, the training administrator uses Request Learning Activity Creation to create the course in SAP Enterprise Learning (Learning Activity is the business object used to represent a course). Because the training delivery type indicates that this course is being delivered in a virtual classroom, a corresponding course entry is also created in the external learning system.

Use Case 2: Changing a Course

Changes may be required in parameters that are associated with a normal learning activity, such as course description or instructor. When an SAP training administrator invokes Request Learning Activity Change to alter the details of an existing course type in SAP Enterprise Learning, the service also changes the details of that course in the external learning system automatically.

Use Case 3: Canceling a Course

When an SAP training administrator uses Request Learning Activity Cancellation to delete a course in SAP Enterprise Learning, this service also deletes the course in the external learning system.

Use Case 4: Getting a List of Courses

The training administrator wants to look at the list of catalog of course offerings that exist in the external learning system before creating a new course to avoid redundancy. The training administrator invokes the Query Learning Activity by Elements enterprise service to get a list of courses from the external system based on criteria such as time period, instructor, or delivery method.

System Requirements

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