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The Kanban Processing ES bundle provides the possibility to integrate RFID and shopfloor devices into the Kanban Process. Using this ES bundle, it is possible to update the Kanban status and query Kanban details from outside of SAP ERP. These services could be used to manage the automatic Kanban status update, leveraging RFID technology in SAP Auto Id Infrastructure.


The Kanban processing ES bundle can be deployed in virtually all business scenarios involving a Kanban methodology.

This ES bundle is valuable to all businesses interested in simplifying or extending the usage of RFID enabled Kanban processing, for example, using custom-made user interfaces or by connecting the application with other software. Partners and customers could take advantage of the enterprise services in building scenarios with less effort and time.

For details on Service Operations, Business Objects and Process Components, please check the ES Workplace.

How to Use This ES Bundle

Customers planning to deploy this ES bundle will easily be able to integrate the services into an existing interface or create a new one using SAP NetWeaver Process Integration (SAP NetWeaver PI) or similar tools.

Kanban Processing (click to enlarge)

This section will explore a use case for the Kanban Processing ES bundle. Please note that this wiki is also a space for you to share knowledge and collaborate with others who are implementing the ES bundle, so please come back and share your experiences with this bundle after implementing it.

Use Case: RFID-Enabled Kanban Processing on the Assembly Line

An automotive manufacturer wants to manage the assembly line supplies using a Kanban procedure. His supplier has agreed to supply the auto components based on the replenishment strategy proposed by the manufacturer. The containers situated at the actual work centres in an assembly line contain the material quantity necessary for a specific period of time needed by the operators. The progress of production in Kanban is controlled by setting the Kanban to the appropriate status. By using the enterprise service Change Kanban Status and Change Kanban Status as Bulk, the status can be set to EMPTY or FULL, which then triggers the system to create a replenishment element, instructing the supply source to deliver. If the user needs to print the the RFID TagId for a Kanban, the enterprise service Find Label By Elements could be used to query the tag Id from SAP Auto-ID Infrastructure and then the print service in ERP could be used for Printing. By using querying services such as Find Kanban Control Cycle by Elements and Find Kanban by Kanban Control Cycle, the user can obtain the details of particular Kanban control cycles and Kanban details based on the elements given in a Kanban control cycle. These control cycle details will be stored in SAP Auto-ID Infrastructure so that relevant Kanban information can be accessed directly.

System Requirements

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