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The Loyalty Management ES bundle facilitates the integration of CRM loyalty management with point-of-sale systems (POS).

CRM loyalty management is fully supported within CRM (e.g. in CIC, CRM sales order, etc.), but for most Retailers today, brick-and-mortar store sales still represent the highest turnover sales channel: AMR Research 2009 mentions that 83% of Retailer's turnover is generated in stores, the rest via E-Commerce, direct sales/Call Center, or mobile Commerce.

This means that true multi-channel Retailers, who want to offer their loyalty management programs across all channels, have to set up the POS integration to enable consumers to earn and redeem points via POS transactions.

The POS transaction membership activities in SAP CRM can be created synchronously or asynchronously from the POS cash register transactions.

There are two scenarios for points determination: The number of points for the POS transaction membership activities can be calculated with or without the SAP CRM rule framework - based on sophistication of the POS system:

  • 'POS Transaction amount' - points calculation takes place on SAP CRM side based on the amount received from POS.
  • 'POS Accrual'/'POS Redemption' - points calculation takes place on POS side (e.g. via local rule engine at POS) and the points are then posted in SAP CRM.

Before CRM 7.0 EhP1, the POS system integration could be built on the basis of API/RFCs, now alternatively the integration can be built using the enterprise services.

Loyalty Management (click to enlarge)


The services will be typically relevant for Retailers, but also for other industries operating POS systems, such as Oil&Gas (gas stations), CP customers with retail stores (outlets, flagship stores, e.g.), Pharma (pharmacies).

The roles that will use this ES bundle include:

  • Store Clerk (Cashier, Customer Service Clerk)

    For details on Service Operations, Business Objects and Process Components, please check the ES Workplace.

How To Use This ES Bundle

This section will explore use cases for the Loyalty Management ES bundle. Each use case will show how different outcomes can be achieved by using the enterprise services in different combinations. While these examples illustrate a few of the ways that this ES bundle could be used, the intention is to show the flexibility and reusability of these business objects and enterprise service operations so that you will have a clearer understanding of how to best deploy them in your own environment. This wiki is also a space for you to share knowledge and collaborate with others who are implementing the Loyalty Managament ES bundle.

The Loyalty Management ES bundle:

  • is available from SAP CRM EhP1.
  • offers an alternative to RFC-based POS system integration.

Use Case 1: Lookup Member and Membership Data

A cashier wants to lookup an existing loyalty member and some attributes which are attached to the membership like dynamic attributes, tier levels, and point account information in SAP CRM Loyalty Management.
Example 1: Cashier wants to lookup an existing loyalty member in SAP CRM Loyalty Management. After entering the customer number or swiping the loyalty card he gets the corresponding record from SAP CRM
Example 2: Cashier wants to lookup an existing loyalty member in SAP CRM Loyalty management. After entering the last name he gets a list of matching records from SAP CRM, where the cashier could further select based on first name or phone number.


Enterprise Service Invoked

Step 1: Loyalty member identification at POS: Search for an existing loyalty membership via ID or name/address data

Read Loyalty Program Membership or: Find Loyalty Program Membership Basic Data by Elements

Step 2: Member (Business Partner) and Membership data returned from CRM


Use Case 2: Create Member and Membership Data

POS creates a new member, which in turn has to be assigned to a membership in SAP CRM Loyalty Management via enterprise service. There will be a basic tier assignment and card assignment via specific number range.
This use case requires the implementation of the Create Loyalty Program Membership service, and additionally the CRM Business Partner service (for loyalty member creation).


Enterprise Service Invoked

Step 1: The cashier wants to create a new member for the loyalty program


Step 2: The cashier wants to create a new membership for the new loyalty program member

Create Loyalty Program Membership

Use Case 3: Maintain Loyalty Membership Activity Journal: Loyalty member earns points with a POS transaction

The POS system transmits the header information/total value of the current shopping basket to SAP CRM Loyalty Management. Using the BRF+ loyalty rule engine, SAP CRM determines the points, updates the corresponding point account (membership activity), and sends a confirmation with the new point balance.


Enterprise Service Invoked

Step 1: Loyalty member/membership identified at POS (e.g. by swiping the card) and till receipt transferred to SAP CRM for points calculation

Maintain Loyalty Membership Activity Journal

Step 2: CRM calculates points and creates the membership activity


Step 3: CRM confirms points


For batch / asynchronous membership activity creation, it is not only possible to send the POS data to CRM directly, but also through POS Data Management: Transmitting loyalty related Tlog Data for loyalty points calculation and membership activity creation can also be implemented as a batch / asynchronous process leveraging SAP PI and SAP POS DM for data transfer*. In this case, step 3 from above (CRM confirms points) is irrelevant.
*The Tlog transfer services for membership activity creation in CRM are implemented in SAP POS DM as of BI CONT. 7.05. (Maintain Loyalty Membership Activity Journal as Bulk)

Future Directions

Further enhancements to services, e.g. to allow for line-item level points calculation.

System Requirements

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