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The Management of Devices ES bundle enables the warehouse manager to create a new device using the services available in the Automatic Identification Label Device business object. These services manage the master data relating to Auto-ID capturing devices such as mobile or fixed gate RFID readers typically being used in warehouse environments.

An Automatic Identification Label Device is a logical device that is used to read or print automatically identifiable labels. This business object models a device that you can use to effect Auto-ID Label writing and / or printing and capture Auto-ID events such as pack, load, unload and move events as they relate to Auto-ID labelled serialized items in your supply chain. It corresponds to a device group or a printer in SAP Auto Id Infrastructure (SAP AII).

This ES bundle provides enterprise services that you can use when you perform the following operations:

  • Creating an RFID device
  • Changing or searching for a device (device management)


The Management of Devices ES bundle can be deployed in virtually all business scenarios involving an RFID-enabled product for providing visibility and tracking. This ES bundle is valuable to all businesses interested in simplifying or extending usage of RFID, whether through custom user interfaces or by connecting the application with other software. Partners and customers could take advantage of the enterprise services provided in this bundle so that they can deploy composite applications more quickly and with less development effort.

Management of Devices through enterprise services (click to enlarge)

For details on Service Operations, Business Objects and Process Components, please check the ES Workplace.

How to Use This ES Bundle

Configuring device controllers and maintaining master data requires specialized skills, especially when setting up the application for the first time. It requires trained consultants to collect data from the business experts and later maintain it using several transactions in SAP Auto Id Infrastructure. This often leads to longer and more tedious implementation projects than is necessary. The enterprise services offered in the ES bundle make the process more efficient.

Use Case: Management of Devices Using Enterprise Services

A distribution center manages a huge warehouse for distributing retail products to retailers across the country. In order to use a new device for scanning/reading the RFID pallet tags,the warehouse manager or the staff needs to create a device. A new device to read the tags at a particular location could be created using the Create Device enterprise service. This service supports the initial creation of device data. If the device details need to be changed, the enterprise service Read Device and Find Device by Elements could be used to search the created devices. To change the device details, you would use the enterprise service Change Device and to delete the device, you would use the Cancel Device enterprise service.

Future Directions

Future enterprise service development in the Management of Devices ES bundle could provide more options for configuration of external devices to be associated with SAP Auto Id Infrastructure.


The Management of Devices ES bundle achieves connectivity between a client-specified UI and SAP Auto Id Infrastructure via SAP NetWeaver Process Integration (formerly XI) or via a direct web service interaction.

System Requirements

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End-to-end Processes Where This ES Bundle Is Used

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2007 SAP Info article by Dr. Andreas Schaffry that mentions the SAP Auto ID Infrastructure and RFID