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Hi All,

This is very general  Procedure that you can follow for a PP cycle. The Tcodes for each steps are given in front of each Process.

The purpose of this Procedure is just to have a overlook of whatever Processes involved in SAP-PP and their Tcodes. Also it does not involve any particular type of industry specific procedure. Its just a general overview.


Process                                  :Tcode [XXCreate/Change/Display]


Material Master                  : MM01/02/03

BOM                                        : CS01/02/03
                                                                                                                                    Material Master

WorkCenter                          : CR01/02/03

Routing                                  : CA01/02/03

Sales Order                           : MC87/88/89

PIR (Demand Mgt)             : MD61/62/63                    

MRP Run                               : MD01/02/03                                                            Sales Planning

MRP Evaluation                   : Stock Req. List : MD04
                                                  MRP List             : MD05

Order Conversion               : From Stock Req. List : MD04 or
                                                                                         : CO40


Create Prod. Order            : CO01/02/03

Confirmation                      : For Order             : CO15
                                              : For Operation     : CO11N
                                              : Error Processing: COGI

Good's Issue                       : MB1A                                                                         Production Execution

Good's Receipt                  : MB31

TECO                                    : CO02         

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