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The Quality Collaboration in the Supply Chain ES bundle enables a collaboration between supplier/subcontractor and customer with respect to quality problems. The "Quality Collaboration" process component (in SAP SNC) is used to exchange quality notifications between customers and suppliers/subcontractors to collaboratively identify and report their quality issues. It provides a structured way of creating, sending and receiving quality notifications that record issues related to certain reference objects (such as a purchase order or a work order).

Enterprise services in this bundle enable quality collaboration between suppliers/subcontractors and customers, using Supply Network Collaboration (SAP SNC) and SAP ERP Quality Management. Quality Notifications can be created either by the customer or by the subcontractor to record defects or deviations in reference to a business object such as a Purchase Order, a Work Order etc. The Quality Notification can be forwarded from SAP SNC to SAP ERP; subsequent responses can be collaborated upon in SAP SNC until the issue is solved and the Quality Notification can be closed.

This ES bundle supports SAP SNC Supplier Collaboration and SAP SNC Outsourced Manufacturing scenarios.

Quality Collaboration in the Supply Chain (click to enlarge)


The Quality Collaboration in the Supply Chain ES bundle is relevant for companies in HighTech, IMC, Life Sciences, Chemicals, Automotive, Aerospace & Defense, Consumer Products, Oil&Gas, Mining, and any other industry not listed that involves procurement and manufacturing activities.

The following roles within a company can use this bundle:

  • Quality Engineer
  • Quality Notification Processor
  • Third-party supplier or subcontractor

For details on Service Operations, Business Objects and Process Components, please check the ES Workplace.

Process components:
Quality Collaboration (SNC)
Quality Issue Processing (ERP)

Service Operations:
Maintain Notification based on Quality Issue Notification (ERP)
Maintain Notification based on Collaboration Quality Notification (SNC)
Notify of Quality Issue Notification (ERP and SNC)

Enterprise Services (asynchronous):
Inbound: QualityIssueNotificationSUITENotification_In  (ERP and SNC)
Outbound: QualityIssueNotificationSUITENotification_Out (ERP and SNC)

How To Use This ES Bundle

The services in the Quality Collaboration in the Supply Chain ES bundle:

  • are delivered through Enhancement Package 5 for SAP ECC 6.0 and Enhancement Package 1 for SNC 7.0
  • enable and facilitate quality collaboration among customers, suppliers and subcontractors.

This section will explore a series of use cases which are supported by the Quality Collaboration in the Supply Chain ES bundle. Each scenario will show how different outcomes can be achieved by using the enterprise services in different combinations. Note that these examples may refer to users directly invoking enterprise services. This illustrates the flow of the service operations; in fact, service operations are invoked by an application, by an application's user interface (UI), or by another service operation. While these examples illustrate a few of the ways that this ES bundle could be used, the intention is to show the flexibility and reusability of these business objects and enterprise service operations so that you will have a clearer understanding of how to best deploy them in your own environment. This wiki is also a space for you to share knowledge and collaborate with others who are implementing the Quality Collaboration int the Supply Chain ES bundle.

Use Case 1: Subcontractor/Supplier Creates Quality Notification

In the Outsourced Manufacturing process, the subcontractor usually receives components or materials delivered by the customer to be consumed. If the subcontractor detects quality issues with thse materials, he can create a quality notification in the supplier view of SAP SNC with reference to this work order or purchase order. He can enter additional data, textual information, upload documents and create defect items using predefined codes (catalogues). After publishing the quality notification in SAP SNC, it will be copied to the SAP ERP system of the customer using enterprise services, creating a quality notification of type Q9. The customer can then process the quality notificaiton in his SAP ERP system and trigger the required actions, e.g. a substitute delivery. The updated quality notification can be sent back to the subcontractor, so he is able to see the updated status and subsequently can close the notification if the issue is resolved.


Enterprise Service Invoked

Step 1: Create a quality notification in SAP SNC


Step 2: Publish the quality notification in SAP SNC


Step 3: Quality notification (type Q9) is created in SAP ERP 


Step 4: Quality notification is processed and saved by customer in SAP ERP


Step 5: Quality notification is updated in SAP SNC


Step 6: Quality notification is confirmed by subcontractor in SAP SNC when problems are solved


Use Case 2: Customer Creates Quality Notification

When the customer receives raw material from a supplier or subcontracting material from a subcontractor, he can perform a quality check in SAP ERP. If he detects deviations or defects during this inspection, the customer creates a quality notification (of type Q8) in SAP ERP and sends it back to the supplier/subcontractor to report the problem. Therefore, the quality notification is copied to SAP SNC. The supplier gets notified through the SAP SNC Alert Monitor and can now work on this new quality notification, e.g. enter text, change status and take appropriate action, e.g. trigger a return delivery. The customer can monitor the processing status of the quality notification at any time in the SAP SNC monitor. After the problem is resolved, the quality notification is updated by the supplier/subcontractor and sent back and the customer, who then can confirm the quality notification.


Enterprise Service Invoked

Step 1: Customer detects a problem and creates a quality notification (type Q8) in SAP ERP


Step 2: Enter data and save the quality notification in status 'created'


Step 3: Service will be started and quality notification will be created in the SNC system


Step 4: Subcontractor works on quality notification, updates information and status, and publishes notification


Step 5: Customer receives updates information and confirms quality notification


System Requirements

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