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This page intends to be a one-stop shop for information on APIs of SAP Patient Management and especially for SOA and Enterprise Services.

There are numerous ways of integrating clinical, departmental, and administrative systems in a hospital with SAP Patient Management like through the asynchronous Hospital Communication Module's (HCM) messages or the synchronous Business Application Programming Interfaces (BAPIs). These interfacing methods are easy to use by customers and partners knowing well SAP Patient Management as both, terminology and technology, are SAP proprietary.

Now, with the introduction of the Enterprise Services bundles of the Business Process Platform for Healthcare, customers and partners have at their disposal a method of integrating their myriad systems that offers easier, standards-based integration using the web services technology. Through this means the integration is much easier for people less familiar with SAP Patient Management as the fields of the interface are more oriented towards Healthcare standards than towards SAP terminology. Is important to notice that through Enterprise Service and IAH (Integration Adapter for Healthcare) HL7 Adapter, IHE compliance and HL7 support can be reached as it can be seen in the figure below:


1: the Enterprise Services are shipped with SAP Patient Management, see the Healthcare ES Bundles below for details on the existing ones.

2: to "translate" the Enterprise Services into the HL7 world, a mapping from the ES XML to the HL7 XML is shipped with Netweaver PI/PO.

3: through the SAP HL7 Adapter IAH (Integration Adapter Healthcare) the HL7 XML is translated into the natve HL7 pipe format

4: IAH uses the MLLP protocol to transport the HL7 messages to the receiver.

In this page you will be able to find up to date information on (and pointers to) the several available bundles, business objects, and enterprise services, as well as additional resources that may be useful for the configuration of the system and the deployment of integration scenarios, for example the IAH HL7 adapter from SAP.

It contains the following information:

Healthcare ES Bundles



Hospital Communication Module (IS-HCM)

This bundle offers application-to-application (A2A) services whose intention is to provide a functional equivalent to the widely-used hospital internal communication capabilities of SAP Patient Management (usually known as IS-HCM or simply HCM), in order to overcome its current technological restrictions (see below) and allow for stronger support of Industry Standards and initiatives such as HL7 and IHE, respectively.

Patient Administration

This bundle uses application-to-application (A2A) services to seamlessly integrate SAP Patient Management with the many third-party systems typically deployed in today's healthcare facilities in the areas of Patient Identification and ADT (Admission, Discharge, Transfer).

Medical Activities, Patient Billing and Invoicing

This bundle is intended to support the processes of documentation of medical activities, of patient invoicing and of payment handling.

Medical Documentation and Coding

Medical documentation is normally created in clinical systems, but is also needed in SAP Patient Management for administrative, billing and reporting purposes. This ES Bundle offers asynchronous services for the reception of this documentation.

Resource Planning and Scheduling

The ultimate goal for this bundle is to support a range of processes in the healthcare area - shift planning, occupancy management, and appointment scheduling - by service enabling the SAP Patient Management and SAP Human Capital Management solutions in order to provide connectivity to partner solutions for resource planning and scheduling.

Resource and Supply Chain Planning for Healthcare Providers

This bundle handles two key functions: it enables healthcare professionals to requisition medical supplies on the one hand and assess human and material resource schedules on the other.

Documentation for Business Objects and Enterprise Services

Note: More documentation can be found on the SAP help portal or below in the section documentation.

To display the Enterprise Services documentation as of SAP ERP 6.0, Industry Extension Healthcare, SAP Enhancement Package 4 (IS-H 604), choose the product page of SAP for Healthcare on the SAP Help Portal ( Choose the desired version and language ENGLISH in the dropdown menu in the upper right part. Under Enterprise Services Documentation choose Healthcare Enterprise Services

Business Object

Enterprise Services

Patient Encounter Record: A carrier of information about a patient encounter, along with associated medical and billing data. 

Inform of Patient Encounter Record: outbound service to inform third-party systems about an event that relates to a patient encounter and its related data.

Maintain Surgery based on Patient Encounter Record Surgery Notification: inbound service to maintain the administrative documentation of a surgery based on a notification from a third-party system.

Patient : A patient is any person who potentially receives medical attention, care, or treatment. The person is most often ill or injured and in need of treatment by a healthcare professional. 

Complete set of operations to search, read, create, update and maintain Patient Master Data. Please check the Patient BO page for a complete listing.
New on EhP5: Inform of Patient Deactivation

Patient Encounter : A Patient Encounter describes an interaction between a Patient and a healthcare provider. A Patient Encounter spans a period of time, the length and detail of which may vary according to local procedures and conventions. Examples may be: Inpatient Stay, Outpatient Visit, Patient's General Practitioner Visit, Telephone Consultation.

Please check the Patient Encounter BO page for a complete listing.

Billing Patient Encounter Group : A Billing Encounter Group is a set of patient encounters grouped together following the legal requirements of a specific context (e.g. country) with the aim of creating bills. 

Calculate Accrual: To calculate the accrued revenue of a billing patient encounter group.

Medical Diagnosis : An identification and designation of an illness. 

Maintain Medical Diagnosis based on Medical Diagnosis Collection Notification: inbound service to maintain multiple medical diagnoses based on notification from a third-party system.  (in progress)

Medical Procedure : A medical procedure is a course of action intended to care for a person with health problems. Currently only a component of the Patient Encounter Record Transformed BO.

No operations offered at the present time.

Medical Activity : A Medical Activity is a provided service product for medical purposes. It includes simple and complex administrative and billing-relevant tasks.

A set of operations to allow third-party systems to create medical activities in SAP Patient Management, like 

  • Read Medical Activity
  • Find Medical Activity by Elements 
  • Maintain Medical Activity(synchronous inbound service)  (synchronous)
  • New on EhP5: Maintain Medical Activity based on Medical Activity Collection Notification (asynchronous)

Medical Record Folder : A container for storing clinical documents for a patient, typically managed within one hospital. It can consist of one or several volumes that can be created and borrowed independently. 

A set of operations to inform third-party systems about actions that were done on a medical record folder, like

  • Inform of Medical Record Folder Creation   
  • Inform of Medical Record Folder Change 
  • Inform of Medical Record Folder Status Change 
  • Inform of Medical Record Folder Cancellation

Guides and Additional Documentation



HCM Mapping Guide (attached to SAP Note 1461621)

This is a comprehensive mapping documentation between existing HCM objects, segments and fields and the Enterprise Services business objects, nodes and fields.

HL7 Mapping Guide (attached to SAP Note 1461621)

This guide documents the mapping between Enterprise Services Interface and HL7 segments and fields.


This questions and answers list help customers and partners who would like to use enterprise services instead of HCM.

Extension Guide (attached to SAP Note 1461621)

This documement describes how to extend existing messages and how to create own ones.

PI Value Mapping Upload Guide

This document provides PI/XI system setup details for configuring value mapping in a customer's landscape. Value mapping tables are used together with the Enterprise Services delivered for SAP Patient Management in order to translate HL7-specific values to SAP-specific value codes.
EhP4 version of this guide is here: > Industry Solutions > Industry Solution Guides > SAP for Healthcare
EhP5 version of this guide is attached to note 146162

IHE Configuration Guide

Starting with SAP ECC 6.0 Industry Extension Healthcare EhP4, SAP Patient Management is progressively adding support to some IHE profiles and actors, namely those out of the IHE domain IT Infrastructure (ITI). This guide explains how to configure the systems like PI and IAH HL7 Adapter in order to address the IHE communication requirements.

Configuration Scenario Guide

This guide explains how a configuration scenario should be set up using the message mappings offered by SAP to receive data from connected systems.
EhP4 version of this guide is here: > Industry Solutions > Industry Solution Guides > SAP for Healthcare
EhP5 version of this guide is attached to note 146162

Interoperability related blogs




Functional equivalent for HCM based on SOA with Enterprise Services

Connectathon 2011

SAP's participation at the European Connectathon 2011 in Pisa (Apr 2011)

IHE Support

Support of specific IHE actors with EhP4 Enterprise Services

IAH HL7 Adapter 

Introduction and How_to documents about IAH HL7 Adapter

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