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This area is designed to provide areas of collaboration to fill white-spaces and share best practices and experiences. Because of the importance SAP places on this topic, you can secure twice the usual points by collaborating and contributing to help us fill the gaps.

Please create or edit a page by clicking on any of the links below. In particular, the area of composition is currently of great interest. Your comments and contributions on this section are welcome.


Short Description *)


Challenged by the increasing speed and scope of business change, you need to evolve your existing IT infrastructure into a more flexible environment that reduces complexity, and supports business agility across your business network. See how others have done it and share your experience within the SOA community in SCN and beyond.

SAP Consulting Offerings

SAP Consulting offers Professional Services to support your SOA projects. See how others benefit from SAP's Consulting offerings and let us know your story on jump starting your SOA project.

Value and Benefits

Learn what tangible benefits SOA brings to our customers' companies and how they support value achievement, measurement and monitoring, and let the community know how you benefit.

Governance, Methodology and Solution Architecture

To exploit the benefits SOA promises to deliver (reduce operational costs, accelerate profitable growth, support business agility, among others) you need to have good governance practices. Collaborate on how to plan an IT landscape, implement SOA-related services and composites, and optimally run and manage it all. The Reference Architecture for SOA describes a broad range of SOA related concepts.


Collaborate on how to best leverage existing courses supporting workshop and materials.

Composition and Integration

See how others model and build and integrate SOA-based applications and how the tools provided by SAP help them doing this, and share how you do it.


Let us know what you think about the tools and assets SAP offers for keeping your business running fast and efficiently.

Partner Offerings

Find out how others benefit from the valuable partner community of SAP in regards to Service-Oriented Architecture based on SAP solutions and technology, and tell us how you did.

*) The links will guide you to pages in the SOA Kit that belong to one of the four phases (Strategy - Plan - Build - Run) SAP has identified for SOA projects. Most links point to the Strategy phase. Please note that the list of available assets may differ in the various phases.

Access the SOA Kit

You can access the SOA Kit right away by clicking here.

SOA Community Tools in SCN

The SAP Community Network (SCN) offers a wide range of community tools to assist you in your SOA projects.

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