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Service Enablement is a term that describes a program of creating or acquiring the services that an organization needs to start using service-oriented architecture. A program of service enablement may be quite different depending on the organization that is pursuing it.

  • To a company that is just starting out with SOA, service enablement may mean creating a few key services to support the development of composite applications or to make common integration tasks easier.
  • To a company that has developed some expertise in SOA, service enablement may mean creating a system of services that work together.
  • To a company with a vast global IT infrastructure or a software vendor like SAP service enablement may mean running a program to systematically enable all important systems and applications with services. The effort that SAP is putting into creating Enterprise Services Bundles can be considered a program of service enablement.

SAP's approach to all three kinds of service enablement can be found in the Enterprise Services Design Guide which can be downloaded from SDN.