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Many new ES bundles and hundreds of new enterprise services were delivered when EhP3 was released in December. Note that some bundles that are not related to ERP, such as banking bundles, were also delivered at the same time.

New Bundles Completed

The following new bundles are done:

New Bundles in Progress

These bundles have their enterprise services built, but their descriptions are not yet complete:

The following bundle needs both a description and its enterprise service pages built:

Existing Bundles with Significant Updates

Some ES bundles gained numerous new services with the release of EhP3 and other relevant enhancement packs. The following ES bundles in this category have been updated:

Existing Bundles

The following existing bundles have had their WSDL links repaired and new services added where applicable:

The following existing bundles are in the process of having their links updated: