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WSDL stands for Web Services Description Language. It is an XML dialect that was developed by the W3C to help people who develop enterprise services define what a service does and how a program can access, or consume, it.

For enterprise services, there are two kinds of WSDL available: back-end WSDL and WSDL from the Enterprise Services Repository (ESR).

Back-end WSDL: ES Workplace login required

The back-end WSDL requires access to backend systems, such as SAP ERP, and so requires that you explicitly log in to the ES Workplace. You need a separate login for this type of access to the ES Workplace. Anyone can browse the workplace (it's publicly available), but getting to the back-end WSDL requires additional credentials.

Getting an ES Workplace Login

Customers and partners can apply for access to the ES Workplace here.

You'll need access to back-end WSDL if you want to test drive and consume enterprise services.

WSDL in the ESR: Publicly available

The ESR WSDL is available to anyone who is logged into SDN. The enterprise service pages in the ES wiki link to this WSDL directly.

The ESR WSDL contains all the information and fields for a service operation, so it's an important resource for evaluating enterprise services.

How to find both kinds of WSDL in the ES Workplace

This page provides a brief tour of how to find WSDL in the ES Workplace, using the ES Wiki as your starting point.

Learn More about Enterprise Services in the ES Workplace

First, go to an enterprise service page, like this one.

Links from the ES Wiki to an enterprise service and WSDL in the ES Workplace

Click on the link to the enterprise service and you'll see a page like this one.

Enterprise service page in the ES Workplace

Here you find the paths to the two types of WSDL.

To get to the back-end WSDL, click on the "WSDL (back-end)" link. If you are not logged in to the workplace, a login screen will appear.

To get to the publicly available WSDL, follow the link that says, "WSDL (ESR)"

Publicly available WSDL for an enterprise service

This concludes our WSDL tour of the ES Workplace.

Form for applying for a login for the ES Workplace (so you can get access to backend WSDL)
"How to Use the ES Workplace: efficient browsing and testdriving enterprise services"

W3C's WSDL page
W3C's WSDL tutorial
What is WSDL? (good explanation in layman's terms)