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Enterprise Widgets Frequently Asked Questions

General Questions

Technical Aspects

Answers General Questions

What are Widgets?

Widgets are small, simple applications that allow the user to perform common tasks or monitor important information. Widgets were invented by Arlo Rose and Perry Clarke. They created a company called Konfabulator, later acquired by Yahoo!. Widgets were designed to use XML and a scripting language to enable developers to build small, simple, downloadable applications that could monitor information about the user's computer, or Internet-based items of interest (like the weather, or stock prices).

Typically, widgets run on a runtime engine ("widget engine"), such as the Yahoo! Widget Engine, Apple's Spotlight for Macintosh, or Microsoft's Windows Vista gadget engine. Widgets can be downloaded from various widget galleries on the internet such as the Yahoo! Widget Gallery.

For more details read -> Widgets for the Enterprise (

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How will widgets affect the enterprise?

Widgets offer the next step in technology to aid the information worker. Widgets can sit beside information worker applications on the desktop, grabbing attention only when something important happens, and enabling information workers to act quickly for common activities.

Widgets in the enterprise have several requirements not seen in the consumer space: integration with SSO, automated updating, integrated feedback mechanism, greater configurability, understand business roles, use less screen real estate, and cross-platform. We also found some things to avoid in enterprise widgets, including the temptation to reproduce full-screen applications or scenarios in widget form.

Widgets in the enterprise can be used for many common tasks and monitoring purposes: watching KPIs (like today's sales or inventory levels), quick access to the workflow queue, common transactions (like updating a sales opportunity or changing an employee's home address), or search. With widgets, information workers will perform these common actions quickly, in a compact and simple interface, without interrupting the other work open on the information worker's computer.

For more details read -> Widgets for the Enterprise (

Answers Technical Aspect

What skills are required for Widget Development?

Programming Skills

  1. XML
  2. JavaScript
  3. HTML
    (Little exposure to CSS and Graphic Designing is also useful)

What tools are required for Widget Development?

Following tools can are required for the widget development

  1. Yahoo! Widget Engine
  2. Text Editor (or XML Editor)
  3. Image Editor (Adobe Photoshop or GIMP)

You can also use NetWeaver Development Studio as your Widget development environment refer to the blog -> (

SDN Blogs on Widgets

Where can I find API documentation about Widget Development?

Yahoo! Widget API Documentation can be found at Yahoo! Widget Workshop (

Additional Information

Yahoo! Widget Workshop (

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