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Imagineering: Sensor Network Solutions and SAP

Sebastian Steinhauer, SAP Imagineering
Company: SAP Labs, LLC
Posted on Mar. 04, 2009 in
Emerging Technologies, Manufacturing, Mining and Metal, Oil and Gas, Retail, RFID, Virtual Worlds and 3D Web

Driven by business needs for faster and more accurate information an increasing number of sensor network solution providers have recently entered the marketplace. These are solutions which provide node information beyond classic RFID or barcodes. The number of bi-directional high resolution sensor offerings increases daily. Most are targeted to niche markets but are not built to integrate with upstream applications such as SCM or ERP.

Here in the SAP Imagineering team, we are currently exploring an event driven sensor network platform that integrates easily with existing SAP solutions as well as the coming flavors of SAP products including event driven and cloud based. The solution is intended to act as in integration layer among different sensor network solutions and SAP solutions.
For example, by utilizing sensor solutions and the sensor network platform to integrate SAP solutions our customers can realize the ability to take "high fidelity" inventory to know exactly where assets are - in real time - with unprecedented resolution including data for temperature, light and moisture conditions, etc. Sensor data will flow right in your Enterprise Asset Management System or your SCM system. An SAP system will proactively warn you if you violate storage regulations for chemicals, even before the chemical arrive at your facility. Produce will be monitored to make sure it does not exceed shelf life. At the same time you can monitor and control energy consumption of your production environment or your office facilities.
Stay tuned to read more on our work with SAP for Sensor Networks, an event driven sensor network solution to enable your existing and future SAP products to leverage the power of sensor networks in your business.

If you currently think about deploying a sensor network solution in your business, and want to learn more about our work, please get in touch with us at imagineering (a)

about the author

Sebastian Steinhauer graduated from Potsdam University in Germany and holds a master's degree in Critical Software Engineering from Lancaster University. Since 2007, Sebastian is member of SAP's Imagineering team. Sebastian currently works on Enterprise Virtual Worlds and Sensor Networks.