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Tutorial for Web Dynpro ABAP #1

This is the first in a series of tutorials on the topic of Adobe Flash Islands for Web Dynpro ABAP. We will see how to create a simple Flex Component in Adobe Flex Builder.  Then we will look at how you adjust this component to make it available as an Island.  Finally we will see how to integrate this Island Component into Web Dynpro ABAP.

eLearning Video host within SDN eLearning Section

Download Tutorial #1 Step-By-Step Instructions (PDF)

Download Tutorial # Source Code (Flex Builder Project and WDA Component in SAPlink Format)

Download Tutorial #1 - Flex 2.0 version of the Flex Component Compiled

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  1. Hi Thomas, Thank you very much for the document and the Tutorial. I am having a requirement of displaying colourful graphs in reports. I am using these documents but in the graph section i am getting a black screen. I am using flex builder 4.6 trial version and SAP 702 release.

    Please help.

    Warm Regards,


  2. I'm not sure if Flex 4.6 is supported. We do support 4.0, but even there you must use a different set of SWC files from SAP for these versions. Are you using WDIslandLibrary40.swc? Even at that I can't confirm if that will work with 4.6 or not.

  3. Former Member

    is it possible to reupload the video tutorial to a different location? The Blip account seems to be disabled / deleted.

  4. The video is already available from SCN as well. That was originally link #2.  I removed the links since they no longer host such content due to a change in their business model.  The SCN hosted video link still remains.