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Adobe Flash Islands for Web Dynpro - WDA Tutorial #2

Bi-directional Data Binding and Eventing

Download Source Code for Tutorial #2 (include runtime versions for Flex 3.0 and Flex 2.0)

Watch Tutorial #2 eLearning on line

Download Tutorial #2 eLearning in FLV format

Download Tutorial #2 eLearning in iPod format

Access to Tutorial #2 eLearning via iTunes (itpc://

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  1. Unknown User (b7je43c)


    Don't we have pdf format for this tutorial(like the one which has been provided for bar chart tutorial)?

    I cannot access from my office, it's blocked here.



  2. Former Member

    Hii Thomas,

    The capture is a bit misleading, isn't it?
    I hoped to find an example of table transfer through the use of the combobox but, instead, there is "only" a number field in both the application source provided, and the video that is linked from this Wiki page.

    Would it possible for you, please, to upload the "combobox" version?
    Many thanks in advance for your help !!  :)

    Best regards,

  3. I'm not sure what combobox version you are referring to. This tutorial has never used a combobox or table.

  4. Former Member

    Hi Thomas,

    I am referring to the capture that one can see on this very Wiki page :
    I must have been mistaken, this capture (and its "Fixed value domain"  UI control) does not refer to the Tutorial #2 but some other component.

    Best regards,