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CodeList Vocabulary


Terms for Code Lists


CurrencyCodesCodeListSourceAn entity set containing the code list for currencies
UnitsOfMeasureCodeListSourceAn entity set containing the code list for units of measure
StandardCode (Experimental)PropertyPathProperty containing standard code values
ExternalCode (Experimental)PropertyPathProperty containing code values that can be used for visualization

The annotated property contains values that are not intended for visualization and should thus stay hidden from end-users. Instead the values of the referenced properties are used for visualization.

IsConfigurationDeprecationCode (Experimental)BooleanProperty contains a Configuration Deprecation Code

The Configuration Deprecation Code indicates whether a code list value is valid (deprecation code is empty/space), deprecated (deprecation code W), or revoked (deprecation code E).


An entity set containing the code list for currencies

UrlURLURL of a CSDL document describing an entity set for a code list
CollectionPathStringName of the entity set for the code list
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