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SAP is offering a wide range of new technologies and platform for the markets like Mobile/Cloud (e.g. Net Weaver Gateway, SAP HANA Cloud platform, SAP Mobile Platform, SAPUI5)and with such a diverse range of technologies our developers & customer run into challenges such as:

How to get ramped up technically on the usage of new products/solutions?
How to come up with basic end to end scenarios?
What are the different channels of education?
Are there samples available?

What Reference Apps offer?

Reference/Sample applications that support developers/customers/partners creating applications from scratch integrating end to end technologies.Our Objective is to provide sample applications along with source codes,cookbooks, sample,guides, workshops, etc. and to also make them publicly available via SCN.

Objectives and Goals

Product Experience                                                                                    

Developers Productivity                            

To offer apps that  provides  runtime user experience of end to end  
customer like scenarios. 

Eg:  Mobile Retailing application that provides user experience of B2C 
mobile apps using SAP Netweaver

To enable and guide developers/customers build their  first end to end 
applications easily and efficiently .To provide easy to use guides/cookbooks 
for across scenarios that helps customers develop applications from scratch 
to guide them on when to go for which technology

How do we ensure this? 
Providing end to end samples. 
Making reference apps publicly available via SCN. 
Providing apps for demos and rollouts.

How do we ensure this? 
Providing end to end guides/cookbooks via SCN. 
Providing source codes on public git hub. 
Providing guidance for when to go for what.

Services we offer
  • End-to-end integrated scenarios for areas like Mobile, Cloud and Analytics.
  • Cookbooks and guides which can be used by developers/customers/partners as reference to build their own business applications.
  • Trainings and workshops to help ramp up of developers/customers/partners to understand the end-to-end integration.
  • All the documents/guides/source code supported by video tutorials are publicly available via SCN(SAP Community Network).
  • Validation and testing of the various technologies used to build the reference applications
Contribution to SAP Strategy Market

We as a Reference Application team contribute to 4 out of 5 SAP’s strategic markets i.e.

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