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SAP NetWeaver Enterprise Search: Transforming the Everyday Search Box into a Simple and Secure Gateway to Enterprise Information and Processes

When the world you work in changes, you have to change the way you work. In today's knowledge-based economy, a growing class of information workers is driving the need for faster, simplified access to critical business information. But, disparate systems are producing islands of information that are difficult to navigate.
The SAP NetWeaver Enterprise Search application helps information workers navigate critical business information by enabling seamless, secure access to SAP and non-SAP information and processes. The application -- available from portals to desktop widgets to mobile devices and e-mail -- enables end users to access the information they need from their convenient work environments. SAP NetWeaver Enterprise Search delivers highly relevant results and suggested actions that reflect the end user's role in the enterprise and recognizes the business context of the search query.

With the SAP NetWeaver Enterprise Search application, you can:

  • Improve decision making -- Gain straightforward and timely access to relevant, contextual business information with a configurable set of possible actions.
  • Save time and money -- Increase the ROI of enterprise software implementations by maximizing the value of information, reducing employee training costs, and accelerating user adoption.
  • Increase corporate policy compliance -- Simplify employees' ability to interact with business processes and information and increases traceability and transparency -- enabling consistent and proper use of corporate policies.
  • Improve employee satisfaction -- Eliminate the frustration of information workers who often cannot find required information or access a system where the required information resides.

The SAP NetWeaver Enterprise Search application transforms the everyday search box into a simple and secure gateway for information workers to interact with enterprise information and processes. So information workers can access the critical business information they need, when and where they need it, to help your business succeed.