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StarTree is a package that allows for displaying information in a hyperbolic tree format. It was first mentioned in SDN in a blog by Catherine van Zuylen here.

I thought I'd start an area where we can show examples of its use, rather than writing blogs about it! All these examples are based on
extracting information from an SAP Web AS and then launching a generic StarTree viewer.

The BC4xx SAP ABAP programming training flights information shown as a StarTree. Extracted from an ABAP system.

Dragging towards a flight. The colours of the flight dates represent how full the flights are.

You can try the flights demo online here

The ADM940 SAP security training course sample organisation structure with positions. Extracted from an ABAP system.

Presenting KM as a StarTree. Double clicking a document opens it in a new window. Extracted from a Java system.

Example showing UME (Java user management) objects. Extracted from a Java system.

Drag to a person (nicholls) and see their groups and roles...

A sitemap for the SAP NetWeaver Portal - extracted from a Java system

A sitemap of SCN. Try a live example here.

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    The demo shows expired license. Has SAP stopped this product.

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