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Demo Services

SAP Gateway Developer Center

This is a free or – depending on your requirements – low-cost developer sandbox landscape. The Developer Center is designed for individual developers who want to discover and explore SAP Gateway and its capabilities. In addition to tools and information the usual SCN community support is provided.

SAP NetWeaver 7.40 Trial Systems

The SCN Trial Editions of SAP NetWeaver Application Server ABAP 7.40 contain a SAP Gateway that you can use for testing purposes. Find out more in this document: 

  SCN Trial Editions SAP NetWeaver Application Server ABAP 7.4 with SAP NetWeaver Gateway 

SAP Gateway Classroom Training

Unit NameType | DurationDescription
SAP Gateway - Building OData Services                     
GW 100 classroom training
classroom training |
3 days
Check here for the available classroom trainings for your location in the SAP Training and Certification Shop.

SAP Gateway as part of a Mobile Solution Development openSAP Course

In the openSAP course "Introduction to Mobile Solution Development" that took place in September 2013 a whole week was dedicated to a comprehensive introduction of the service development side that is needed for mobile solutions. The course content is still accesible via the openSAP online learning platform so that you still can follow the course content on your own pace.

In about 1,5 hours of comprehensive lectures (of week 4 content) we will walk you through the basics of SAP Gateway 2.0 and will continue with an introduction of the OData protocol and its query options so that you will learn why it is also called "ODBC for the web" or "SQL light". The course also covers the basics of OData modelling and how to implement an OData service finally using the Service Builder using a code based implementation. In the final lecture we will show you how to develop an Android based sample application thus providing a complete End-2-End scenario.

Please note: access to this material requires you to register (for free) for the openSAP platform where you will find additional interesting course content as well.

Week 4 Lectures - Unit Name                                             Type | Duration         Description
Unit 1:  Introduction to SAP Gateway 

Video | 05:44 min


In Unit 1 (week 4) you will find this comprehensive introduction to SAP NetWeaver Gateway 2.0

Unit 2:  Introduction to the OData Protocol

Video | 21.45 min


In unit 1 (week 4) you will get a basic introduction into the OData protocol
Unit 3:  OData Query Options 

Video | 13:45 min


In unit 3 (week 4) we will (based on the Odata introduction) proceed to explain how to work with OData query options
Unit 4:  Modeling of OData Services 

Video | 14:01 min


Unit 4 (week 4) is dedicated to the modelling of OData services. Here you will receive an introduction how to work wiht the Odata modelleing tools of SAP NetwWeaver Gateway
Unit 5:  How to Implement a Gateway Service 

Video | 15:19 min


Now in unit 5 (week 4) we will show you how to implement the Gateway Service we have modelled before using the Service Builder
Unit 6:  Generating an Android Application for an OData Service 

Video | 16:02 min


Finally in unit 6 (week 4) we will show how to consume an Odata servic using an Android client

Find all materials on the Week 4 downloads page.

Additional Training Offerings

Unit Name                         Type | Duration            Description
Expert Guided Implementation (EGI) services for SAP Mobile topics for SAP Gateway DevelopersBlog

Remote trainings are available for SAP Mobile topics via Expert Guided Implementation (EGI) services. Parts of the trainings are also of interest for SAP Gateway Developers. Find details on the sessions that were recommended in the blog here.


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