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Here are some widgets that have been developed by the community.

  • SAP News Mashup Widget by Alexander Dreiling - Provides the ability to mashup company-internal and company-external information very nicely. 
  • Job Monitor Widget by Sergio Cipolla
  • xMII Widget by Abesh Bhattacharjee - The Widget displays rows of data and a chart related to the value in each row of the widget. 
  • BI Data Widget by Prakash Darji - Displays BI data
  • Netweaver AS Start & Stop Widget by Tarun Telang 
  • SAP XI Quick Launcher Widget by Durairaj Athavan Raja
  • SDN Points Widget by Guillaume Garcia
  • SDN Points and blog posts Widget for Wordpress. (manual+ download for version 1.0)

You can download them from the following link:
Click on the Widgets area

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