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Interesting bits of news and information regarding Widgets as they creep into the Enterprise world.

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  • Lifehacker - The widgets and gadgets showdown

    The Yahoo! Widgets blog provides a detailed comparison of the crowded desktop widget/gadget area, weighing the pros and cons of Google Gadgets, Vista Sidebar, Mac's Dashboard and Yahoo!'s Widget Engine (oh, let's just call it Konfabulator). One interesting point is about OS-specific widgets/gadgets (like Sidebar and Dashboard), which use browser-specific DHTML to run:

  • ZDNet - 2007: The year of the dashboard

    The mainstream trend tracking magazine Newsweek suggested that 2007 will be the year of the widget, at the same instant that Time appoint "You" the person of the year. But widgets is too limited to have its own year; it seems to similar to the year of the locust. Widgets are part of larger data aggregation trend that includes RSS feeds and other information blobs deposited on a Web page. I'm prefer to think of 2007 as the year of the dashboard-or at least a year in which the concept of dashboards catches on in the form of personal Web pages, such as MyYahoo and NetVibes, and corporate portals.

  • GigaOM - A Widget Storm is coming

    Newsweek has already declared1 2007 year of the widget, and lots of little companies are hard at work, trying to make it all real. Israeli startup Musestorm2, is launching a platform later this week that will allow you to widgetize any RSS feed, and create web and desktop widgets for Yahoo and Google amongst other platforms. It promises mobile and IM are on the way.

  • Anne 2.0 - The New Economics of Widgets

    Widgets have their benefits, but I'm not totally thrilled with their implementation in the current crop of Ajax start pages. Widgets don't talk to each other and don't do a good job of integrating information... they leave that to us and our poor overtaxed brains. Widgets are mostly read-only and that's a step backwards on what should be the chmod 777 web.

  • GiaOM 2007, Year of the Widget

    TIME magazine's man of the year1 is "You" and if that is the case, then widget is a good way to express yourself. Newsweek is declaring2 2007 "Year of the Widget2."

  • Insta Bloke - Will 2007 be the Year of the Widget?

    Everyone's talking about Widgets these days. It seems as if the whole world has gone crazy over widgets. Widgets, widgets and more widgets.
    According to David beagle it was YouTube that ushered widgets into prominence. Then Robin Good shares with us (no pun intended) a site called YourMinis that has taken widgets to the next level – merging them into a virtual online desktop.

  • Software Alphabet Soup - SAP Does Enterprise Search Widget-Style

    InfoWeek did a short piece on SAP's Enterprise Search product and how it will offer flexible searches for back-end data. It's all a part of the Information Worker concept SAP introduced with the Duet partnership with Microsoft. I think it's about time we had something like this. Letting business users access back-end data through widgets and other easy-to-use tools is the way to empower the information worker. It's all about making information access simpler.

  • Niall Kennedy - Memory utilization of widget systems

    Widgets can be described as mini-applications, running code that binds itself to a web browser and/or the resident operating system to display information. Just like regular applications, widgets consume system resources such as processor cycles, memory, and network bandwidth, possibly slowing down other functions on your computer or across the network. In this post I will take a look at the resource utilization of desktop and web-based widget platforms across a few common widget applications.

  • MuseStorm - Snipperoo Partnership

    2007 to be 'Year of the Widget' The CEO's of leading widget startups, MuseStorm and Snipperoo, announced today that they were to integrate with each other's applications in order to speed distribution and adoption of internet widgets across the world.