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The widgets initiative is part of the SAP Imagineering team.  Widgets provide a view into the enterprise data, allowing customers and their employees a new way to access information.

Companies make a significant investment in technology and would like to get more out of their IT investment. Employees at all the levels of the enterprise need access to data.  It is common across the enterprise that a few key users have access to SAP data and provide everybody else in the enterprise with the needed information.   Widgets enable the user in the enterprise to access more of SAP the data without relying on the power user.   

The Imagineering team is engaged in creating a bridge between the users, the process experts, and the developers so employees can get better access to their company data and services.

Enterprise Widgets provide a way to serve all of the people in a company without increasing technology budgets or adding long development cycles.

The success of this experiment is dependent on your input. Click on add comment to tell us what you want.

Why use Enterprise Widgets?

The primary advantage is their ability to bring enterprise data and transactions closer to the users, transforming generic interactions to the specific needs of a department or employee community. This creates new value through the compositing of information and functions from multiple back-end systems.

What are Enterprise Widgets?

Enterprise Widgets are a UI channel suitable for quick enterprise transactions, light-weight tracking and monitoring, and other interactions that users want close to their everyday work. The SAP Enterprise Widget technology is extensible though plug-ins and provides integration into SSO solutions and connections to Web Services, BAPIs, and RFCs.  The current widget technology supports Yahoo! Widget Engine.  We have done several experiments with Apple Dashboard, Google Gadgets and Windows Vista Gadgets.

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  1. Hi, I quite confuse now. (1) I'm a BW/BO consultant and we also have some widget involved in this world. Are we talking about the samething ? Or there are different widgets concepts in the SAP world?

    and (2) how the widgets apply in the BI world since the data is more static and do not change so often?