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Much of the content is in this space is very outdated.  Please check the date of the material before taking actions based on obsolete advice.

For current content, we recommend you visit:

SAP Fiori community wiki pages



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  1. Greetings SAP Fiori community members!  Special thanks to my esteemed colleague Masa for his tireless efforts to transition all of the All Things SAP Fiori content pages from SCN documents to the wiki, which is all part of the upcoming new SCN launch on October 10th.  If you are reading this comment then you will already realize the redirects to the wiki are already operational.  We hope that your experience and ability to consume the collaborative community content contained in this collection will be just as beneficial as you've come to appreciate and rely upon.  Keep up the great contributions and new SAP Fiori content creation in the new SCN!

    If you encounter a broken link or have any feedback, please let me know!

    Best Regards,

    Jeremy Good

    SAP Technology RIG