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All information on this page is referring to the SAP Fiori for SAP S/4HANA 2020 release unless stated otherwise

Understanding Apps

Resources for Business Users

Selecting Apps

NOTE: We strongly recommend you always include all Fiori apps of the following business roles.  The Fiori apps in these business roles are used to configure, adapt, and extend other Fiori apps. 

  • Analytics Specialist

  • Administrator

  • Business Process Specialist 

  • Configuration Expert - Business Process Configuration

Fiori Launchpad and shared apps

Alternative deployment:

User Defaults


Workflow & Inbox

Job Scheduling

Output Management

Analytical Apps 

Extensibility Apps for Key Users

Please refer to the Extensibility page of the wiki for more options

Intelligent Enterprise special features


Robotic Process Automation

Predictive Analytics / Machine Learning

Situation Handling

Skills for SAP CoPilot

SAP Fiori apps with additional considerations

SAP S/4HANA main product page on SAP Help Portal  - refer to the What's New Viewer, Product Assistance and Simplification List

Native mobile apps

Finance Apps

Please note a major rework of Fiori catalogs and roles in 1709 and above:

Customer Management apps

Procurement apps

Other LoB apps

Tips for other Fiori Apps 

Some Fiori apps have dependencies that need to be configured.  Make sure you read the Fiori Apps Library configuration information and the App Documentation, especially:

Check the App Documentation for additional configuration tasks