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SAP Fiori Elements

SAP Fiori elements newsletter #01

Updated 11/19/19

Welcome to the first issue of the SAP Fiori elements newsletter. The purpose of this newsletter is to provide you information you can use to build SAP Fiori apps to meet your organization’s needs. It will include product updates, usage tips, and tutorials that explain best practices for using SAP Fiori elements and related tools. Since this is new, we welcome your feedback on what topics you would like to see in future issues. 

Your editorial team,
Peter Spielvogel and Conrad Bernal from SAP UX Engineering

Getting Started with Fiori elements video series

In this video series, the SAP UX Engineering team will introduce you to SAP Fiori elements, walk you through its most common floorplans, explain the technology behind it, and then show you how to build an app for yourself. 

Visit the YouTube channel.

SAP TechEd 2019 wrap-up

SAP Fiori elements was a new topic for many attendees. When people learned its capabilities, they generally got very excited and wanted to learn more. Here is the latest from SAP TechEd:

Customer Column

Industrial gas and engineering company Linde used a combination of SAP Fiori elements and SAPUI5 development to build simple apps as part of a massive user experience transformation. “The feedback from our end-users on the new apps has been very positive,” said Wolfgang Lechner, In-house IT Consultant, Linde Engineering. “We can provide a rich and modern user experience that reduces the training requirements significantly.”

Read the full article.

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How do I get started with SAP Fiori elements?

We recommend you watch the video seriesto understand the basic functionality of SAP Fiori elements and how it helps improve developer efficiency.

Which tools should I use to create apps with Fiori elements?

It is recommended to use SAP Web IDE as it comes with a wizard to create the apps and several to adjust and enhance them. In case you can’t expose annotations from the backend there is also an annotation modeler integrated.

Which skills does my workforce need to build such apps? 

Mainly they need to be able to create OData services, which can be done by ABAP developers if you are on an ABAP platform. SAP Fiori elements only requires some JavaScript knowledge when you want to create your own extensions.

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Peter and Conrad

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