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SAP Fiori Elements

SAP Fiori elements newsletter #02

Updated 1/14/2020

Welcome to the second issue of the SAP Fiori elements newsletter. Our audience is growing, so thank you to everyone who shared this content with your colleagues. (If you are reading this because someone forwarded it to you, there is a subscribe link at the bottom of the email.) Moving into 2020, we will start adding content about some new topics adjacent to SAP Fiori elements, such as SAPUI5 and new SAP Fiori tools we are developing.

     Your editorial team,
     Peter Spielvogel and Conrad Bernal from SAP UX Engineering

When to use SAP Fiori elements vs. freestyle SAPUI5 development

One of the most common questions we hear about SAP Fiori elements is when to use it rather than a more flexible “freestyle” development approach. We have written a short guide that explains how to make the decision that’s right for your organization’s needs.
Download the complete “When to use SAP Fiori elements” guide.

Customer column

When Adidas needed a cool user experience, they turned to SAP Fiori elements. A team of developers, designers, and business users were able build an SAP Fiori app for call center agents that reduced the processing time for phone requests from 11 minutes to just 3 clicks.
Read the full article
Watch a video summary

New tools to simplify SAP Fiori elements development

We have received some great and constructive feedback on SAP Fiori elements from power users. The top three comments are:

  1. adding annotations is difficult
  2. the documentation is hard to use
  3. a visual way to see the impact of annotations immediately would be nice

To address these issues and streamline the overall development process, we are creating a new set of tools to simplify how you create SAP Fiori elements apps.
Here is a short preview demo of what we are working on. It’s from the keynote at SAP TechEd Bangalore.
We are starting a beta program on these new tools. Let us know if you want to co-innovate with us on this.

Have you seen our latest videos?

Q & A

Can I use SAP Fiori elements for analytics?
Yes, for rather simplistic tasks. You can add charts to list pages, details pages and overview page cards. The analytical list page offers a unique way to analyze data step by step from different perspectives, to investigate a root cause through drilldown, and to act on transactional content.
We are still on ECC, can we use SAP Fiori elements?
Yes! Either you create an OData service using SAP Gateway or if you are running on an ABAP platform which supports ABAP CDS you can use that to expose OData services and build an SAP Fiori elements app on top of it.
We don’t have SAP HANA, can we use SAP Fiori elements?
Yes! See answer above. Neither of the two options to create an OData service requires SAP HANA.

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