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SAP Fiori Elements

SAP Fiori elements newsletter #03

Updated 3/24/2020

Welcome to the third issue of the SAP Fiori elements newsletter. With this issue, we are adding some additional information on SAPUI5, which is the underlying technology that powers SAP Fiori elements. The interest in SAP Fiori development seems to be growing, so please forward this newsletter to anyone you think will benefit from the information. 

As always, please let us know what topics would you like to see in this newsletter. 

Your editorial team,
Peter and Conrad

Customer column

Mark Castle of Yorkshire Water uses SAP Fiori elements to build SAP Fiori apps quickly. They have created overview pages, dashboard, and business intelligence apps, mostly around the HR domain. Delivering a consistent experience to the users is one of the main reasons they use SAP Fiori elements. Read the full article.

SAPUI5 + SAP Fiori elements + 24 hour focused development = new app to save lives

The German government reached out to SAP to develop an app to collect information on the whereabouts of German citizens abroad that need assistance with their return arrangements. A team of developers worked for 24 hours to create two apps using CAP and an OData v4 service. The app for citizens uses SAPUI5 and allows people to enter their current location and their home address. The administrative app uses SAP Fiori elements and provides the government the ability to download the acquired information. SAP’s CTO, Juergen Mueller wrote about this on LinkedIn.

OData v4 will give SAP Fiori elements new capabilities

OData v4 has several advantages of v2, including better data compression, more advanced querying options, and more data types. This functionality will allow you to build better apps. Read this blog with information from Hans-Juergen Richstein to learn about how OData v4 will extend the capabilities of SAP Fiori elements. 

UI5 Framework and UI5 Web Components - A perfect partnership

11 years back, SAP started developing the UI5 framework to build enterprise-ready web applications. As you probably know, it comes with a rich set of UI controls to deliver a consistent SAP Fiori user experience. SAP needs to bring this rich design system to many solutions, even if they are based on UI technologies like Angular/React/Vue. The UI5 Web Components are our new open source offering for this. See Peter Muessig's blog on UI5 Framework and UI5 Web Components and how they relate.

SAP Fiori tools update

SAP Fiori tools is a collection of productivity tools that will make software developers more efficient when developing SAP Fiori apps. The SAP Fiori tools beta program is now full, with 42 customers building SAP Fiori elements apps using the new tools. Read about SAP Fiori tools and our plans for this solution.

Dev tip

When using web apps, people often expect the app to return to the same view and context, even after a browser refresh. UI5 routing allows you do this. Read the blog by Jiawei Cao for details on how create entities and navigate between them in your app.

When to use SAP Fiori elements vs. freestyle SAPUI5 development

One of the most common questions we hear about SAP Fiori elements is when to use it rather than a more flexible “freestyle” development approach. We have written a short guide that explains how to make the decision that’s right for your organization’s needs.

Download the complete “When to use SAP Fiori elements” guide.

Developer events

  • UI5con Belgium was on Valentine’s Day. It was a chance for the UI5 development community to come together and learn from each other. Read this blog for a first-person account from Dries Van Vaerenbergh.

Planned (we’ll see what happens):

Q & A

Can SAP Fiori elements be useful with such a limited number of page types?

Yes. It turns out that the five page types cover roughly 80% of the scenarios that people typically encounter with SAP applications. This number is based on our own experience in using SAP Fiori elements to build apps for SAP S/4HANA. If SAP Fiori elements does not meet your needs, you can build any type of app with SAPUI5.

How do you extend a standard SAPUI5 control?

In many cases, extending a SAPUI5 Standard control will simplify your code and make it easier to maintain. This blog by Sagi Yehuday explains how to do this.

Where can I ask questions to receive a quick answer?

There is a new SAP Fiori elements tag in the SAP Community. Go to and ask your question using this tag to tap into the wisdom of the crowd.

Submit your question for next month's Q&A

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