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SAP Fiori Elements

SAP Fiori Development Newsletter

July 2020, Issue #5

Welcome to the fifth issue of the SAP Fiori development newsletter. As many of us continue to work remotely, the need to build new apps to address new business models to suit the new reality continues. To help our customers with this mission, we have recently introduced several new products to make building applications easier.

As always, please let us know what topics would you like to see in this newsletter.  

Your editorial team,
Peter, Conrad, Keren, and Oliver

SAP Fiori tools now available to accelerate building SAP Fiori elements apps

SAP Fiori tools is now generally available as a set of extensions for SAP Business Application Studio and Visual Studio Code. Accelerate your SAP Fiori development and create more consistent code with a variety of tools that can help you generate app projects, visualize navigation and data services, and provide step-by-step help for adding functionality to your apps. Read about the available tools in this blog by Peter Spielvogel.

SAP Business Application Studio, the next generation of SAP Web IDE

SAP Business Application Studio is a new and modern development environment that saves time in setting up projects and allows efficient development, test, build, and running of the solution locally or in the cloud. It provides a desktop-like experience similar to Microsoft Visual Studio Code, with command line, integrated debugging, and optimized code editors. In addition, it offers easy consumption of SAP services, seamless integration with SAP solutions and much more. SAP Business Application Studio is generally available, read more in this  blog by Nir M Kol. Read the blog by Keren Rotenberg on how to get started.

SAP Fiori Elements using SAP Business Application Studio

The community is discovering SAP Business Application studio and learning how to use it for building new apps. Read the blog by Dhanasupriya Sidagam about how to create an SAP Fiori elements list report.

UI5 flexibility for key users now available

The service UI5 flexibility for key users is now available for direct customer/partner consumption. It provides UI adaptation capabilities for UI5 applications on SAP Cloud Platform, Cloud Foundry environment. Key users can now adapt user interfaces and provide variants to a number of end-users. Learn more in this blog from Oliver Graeff.

Extending SAP Fiori elements applications – What you need to know

The floorplans provided by SAP Fiori elements cover up to 80% of typical business scenarios. While there is probably a floorplan that is right for your project, there may be times when you need to extend the functionality of your SAP Fiori elements project. Development architect Vinod Nair looks at this situation in his latest  blog , covering when you should use extensions and what you can do with them.

Create an SAP Fiori Overview Page using SAP Fiori tools

Lukas Boehm, one of the SAP Fiori tools beta testers, shares his knowledge in a  blog on how to add various cards to an overview page app. He shows how to add a line chart, scatter chart and stack card. He also discusses the magic of the CTRL-SPACE to unlock code completion.

Seeking feedback from SAP Fiori elements developers for possible new products

We’re working on a new product that is intended to accelerate the design process for SAP Fiori elements application development. This survey aims to understand satisfaction and importance sentiments on designing SAP Fiori elements-based applications. If you’re an SAP Fiori developer, please  take the survey . It takes between 5-10 minutes.

Developer Events

UI5con ON AIR 2020 (THIS WEEK : July 9 and 10)
UI5con ON AIR 2020, the virtual version of UI5con, takes place July 9 - 10. Learn from UI5 experts and network with developers from around the world in this virtual meetup. See the agenda here:

SAP TechEd will be virtual in 2020. Check here for the latest update on scheduling and content.

Training and tutorials

New openSAP course: SAP Fiori Overview: Design, Develop and Deploy:
SAP Business Application Studio On-boarding tutorial:
Developing a Fiori application for Cloud Foundry:

Q & A

How do I deploy applications I have created with SAP Business Application Studio?
There are many great tutorials for developing SAPUI5 applications using a variety of different tools. Once these apps are developed, some users wonder how they can deploy them in their environment. Prashil Wasnik covers this topic in his blog  Deploying UI5 Apps from SAP Business Application Studio .

Is it possible to build an SAPUI5 app without OData?
In the  >blog by Martin Koch , he explains an alternate REST-based approach that does not use the usual OData protocol for SAPUI5 apps.

Can I use the flexible column layout to make apps for wide screen monitors?
With ultra-wide monitors becoming more common, people want to make use of the extra screen real estate to show additional information.  Sridhar Gandikota blogs about special considerations for building apps  optimized for this screen format.

Can I use SAP Fiori tools to develop off-line?
For SAP Fiori tools users interested in developing offline, SAP customer  Alban Leong has put together a blog  on generating an OData service for local development.

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Peter Spielvogel (SAP Fiori elements and SAP Fiori tools),
Conrad Bernal (SAP Fiori elements and SAP Fiori tools),
Keren Rotenberg (SAP Business Application Studio), 
Oliver Graeff (SAPUI5)

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