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SAP Fiori Elements

SAP Fiori Development Newsletter

September 2020, Issue #6

It’s hard to believe it has been almost a year since we started the SAP Fiori development newsletter after SAP TechEd 2019. Since the fall is traditionally back-to-school season, this issue will focus on providing educational resources to help you learn new tricks for building SAP Fiori apps.

As always, please let us know what topics would you like to see in this newsletter.  

Your editorial team,
Peter, Conrad, Keren, and Oliver

Why Use SAP Fiori elements?

SAP developer, Ashish Anand, blogs about seven reasons why SAP Fiori elements is one of the most powerful and exhaustive metadata-driven UI frameworks available today.

5 Resources for Getting Started with More Efficient SAP Fiori App Development

There are many great resources available for creating apps with SAP Fiori elements and SAP Fiori tools. The sheer amount of materials can sometimes be overwhelming for newcomers. To simplify getting started with these solutions, Conrad Bernal from SAP UX Engineering has curated 5 entry-level resources in this  blog on the SAP Community .

Extending SAP Fiori elements applications

SAP Fiori elements page types can sometimes require a little bit of modification to meet your users’ needs. Development architect, Vinod Nair, explains the different kinds of extensions supported by the SAP Fiori elements framework and when to use them in this blog .

SAP Fiori app development in SAP Business Application Studio

SAP Business Application Studio enables you to develop SAP Fiori applications for various scenarios and deploy to different target runtimes. Product owner, Yuval Morad, blogs about how to use the SAP Fiori dev space to build SAP Fiori apps.

Optimizing SAP Fiori elements performance

Performance optimization is always a concern for application developers, especially when running a multi-tier enterprise application that connects to an SAP back-end system. SAP developer, Ashish Anand, wrote two blogs on optimizing performance in SAP Fiori elements applications, focusing on overview and analytical list pages.

Adaptation projects – your one-stop tool for extending SAPUI5 applications

Customers can leverage features of SAPUI5 Flexibility to adapt and extend SAPUI5 applications without actually changing SAP's original app, which allows smooth upgrades and lifecycle stability. Adaptation projects come with an intuitive WYSIWYG tooling and customers can add both UI and code changes to their own variant of the application. For details, please see this UI5ers Buzz blog .

SAPUI5 1.78 brings new SAP Fiori elements features

Learn about the latest SAP Fiori elements functionality in this blog by Vignesh Srikumar. He covers a variety of usage tips and provides examples of how to use various annotations.

SAPUI5 Integration Cards - latest features

See the latest features delivered in SAPUI5 1.80 including:

To learn more about future news in SAPUI5 Integration Cards, check our monthly What’s New in SAPUI5 documentation.

Getting started with SAP Business Application Studio

Nir Kol, Chief Product Owner of SAP Cloud Platform Development Experience, wrote a blog that contains links to videos, tutorials, and getting started guides for SAP Business Application Studio.
Here is a recording from the SAP Fiori-side chat.

Using SAP Business Application Studio to develop workflows

SAP Business Application Studio comes with a rich set of tools and templates, including tools for developing workflows with SAP Cloud Platform Workflow Management. Read Christian Loos’ blog on how to create your first workflow application in the Cloud Foundry environment of SAP Cloud Platform.

UI5 Web Components release candidate 8

UI5 Web Components recently published RC.8. This latest release candidate has many new features, including 8 new components: Flexible Column Layout, Side Navigation, Tree, Date Range Picker, Progress Indicator, Rating Indicator, Notification Group, and Notification Item. A complete list of what’s new is available on the UI5 Web Components changelog.

Using SAP Fiori tools for SAPUI5 Freestyle apps

While we built SAP Fiori tools to simplify how you create SAP Fiori elements apps, Jhodel Cailan explains how to use SAP Fiori Tools for generic SAPUI5 freestyle app development in this blog.

Training and tutorials

SAP Fiori Overview: Design, Develop and Deploy openSAP course
SAP Business Application Studio On-boarding tutorial:
Developing a Fiori application for Cloud Foundry:
Create a list report object page app with SAP Fiori tools

Developer Events

Devtoberfest 2020
There’s still time to participate in Devtoberfest, an online learning that event kicks off the SAP TechEd 2020 season. Devtoberfest lets you participate on your own time schedule. Read the blog by Thomas Jung.
SAP TechEd will be virtual in 2020. Check here for the latest update on scheduling and content.
UI5con ON AIR 2020: Recordings are available
On July 9-10, 1720 UI5 developers from 49 countries came together for UI5con ON AIR, a virtual version of the traditionally in-person UI5con. All sessions were recorded and are available on the OpenUI5 YouTube channel.

Ashley Tung and Klaus Keller’s UI5con session on how to modernize SAP Fiori app development using SAP Fiori tools.

Have you seen our latest videos?

Complete SAP Fiori tools video series online
The SAP UX Engineering team has produced a series of videos demonstrating the various extensions available in SAP Fiori tools. Learn how SAP Fiori tools can make you a more efficient developer and help you deliver enterprise-ready applications in this five-part series.

Performance tips for SAP Fiori elements
The SAP UX Engineering team has also put together a video series on improving the performance of different SAP Fiori elements floor plans. The first video is now available and discusses how to get the most out of overview pages. Additional videos covering analytical list page and list report/object page apps will be made available on September 16 and 23, respectively. Follow the YouTube playlist here.

Q & A

How do I make the best use of the screen on my giant 49-inch monitor?
Developers often like to use multiple monitors to maximize the space available for coding, debugging, and previewing their applications. Sridhar Gandikota describes how to use the flexible column layout on a wide screen.
What are all capabilities in SAP Business Application Studio?
Avital Margalit walks you through all the IDE capabilities of SAP Business Application Studio in this blog.
Is SAP Fiori elements right for you?
It can sometimes be intimidating to start an SAP Fiori elements project. This blog by Peter Widmer explains some best practices on where to begin (it all about the OData service).
What exactly is SAP Fiori tools and where can I find it?
Learn the answer to these and other frequently asked questions on our new FAQ page.

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