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SAP Fiori Elements

SAP Fiori Development Newsletter

As this is the first issue of 2021, we would like to wish you a healthy and happy new year.

With so many companies looking at new business models to adapt to rapidly changing markets, the pace of new app creation seems to be increasing. We will continue to focus on providing information you can use to develop apps more efficiently.
If you want to catch up on all the latest SAP Fiori development news, please visit the SAP TechEd 2020 replays, where you can find recordings of sessions on SAP Fiori elements, SAPUI5, design-led development, and many other topics related to building an intelligent enterprise.

We are planning our editorial calendar for 2021, please let us know what you are interested in.

Your editorial team,
Peter, Conrad, Keren, and Oliver

OData V4 now available as part of SAPUI5 1.84

The initial version includes the most popular floorplans – list report/object page – as well as basic support for the existing overview page, allowing you to display content coming from both OData V2 and/or V4 services. It also introduces the Flexible Programming Model, which enables increased lifecycle stability. This blog post by Stefanie Hager has more details, as well as our plans for future enhancements.
Hear a podcast from UI5ers live featuring product owners Hansi Richstein and Marita Kruempelmann talking about OData V4.

We are working on prototyping for SAP Fiori elements apps

During the second half of 2020, we ran a customer engagement initiative to understand the processes and tools that customers and partners use to build SAP Fiori apps. This blog post by Peter Spielvogel explains what we learned and how we plan to use the information to simplify the early stages of SAP Fiori elements app development.

Beyond SAPUI5 and SAP Fiori Elements – Appendix to TechEd Session IIS114

There are many ways to develop apps. SAP Developer Advocate and blogger, Marius Obert, compares options to create SAP Fiori-compliant web interfaces and highlights their differences.

Next-generations Annotation Modeler: command line or GUI-based

We are looking to understand how people use the Annotation Modeler and how we can improve it for the next generation. Please help influence the direction of the product by providing your input in this short survey.

Update: Future SAPUI5 versions will no longer support Microsoft IE11

SAPUI5 supports a range of browsers and platforms. Microsoft Internet Explorer 11 and Microsoft Edge Legacy (EdgeHTML) are legacy products with limited maintenance from Microsoft. Both will not be supported by future SAPUI5 versions. Specifically, this means SAPUI5 no longer supports IE11 starting with SAPUI5 1.88 (2104). See details in this blog post by Oliver Graeff.

Easy-peasy: OPA and UIVeri5 tests with the easy-UI5 generator

If you use the easy-ui5 generator for your SAPUI5/OpenUI5 development, please note that SAPUI5 now provides OPA and UIVeri5 Yeoman generators. These aim to incorporate best practices, helping you kick start your test suite and write new tests fast. Find more details in this blog post by Tsvetelina Aleksandrova.

Recently Used Values History for SAPUI5 Smart Controls

End users entering data into an app often need to choose values from a long list. A history of recently used values can improve the experience here, especially if these values are the same over and over again. While this feature was introduced in SAPUI5 1.78, it has been enhanced in recent versions by taking into account the current language, offering user settings for the input history, and more. Please see more details in this UI5ers Buzz #57: Recently Used Values History for Smart Controls.

Migrating SAP Fiori Applications from Neo to Cloud Foundry using SAP Business Application Studio

This blog post by Yuval Morad will guide you on how to migrate your application that was developed using SAP Web IDE Full-Stack and deployed to Neo environment to an application using SAP Business Application Studio that is deployed to Cloud Foundry. In case your application is deployed to ABAP runtime please follow this guide.

Extending SAP Business Application Studio to suit your needs

Many developers would like to extend their development environment to include the tools they need.  This is the reason we built SAP Business Application Studio as an open and extendable development environment. Now you can enrich it by extending your dev space with VS Code extensions from the Open VSX Registry.
In addition, you can also create your own SAP Business Application Studio extensions that include the VS Code extensions and the Yeoman generators that you want to install and make them available in your subaccount.

SAP HANA Development is now available in SAP Business Application Studio

We are happy to share that the SAP HANA development story is now available in SAP Business Application Studio. The dev tools are aimed at SAP HANA Cloud development and are prepackaged into the new SAP HANA dev space. We invite you to join a hands-on session, try it out, and learn more.

Create an SAP Fiori Elements UI for CAP Node.js applications in SAP Business Application Studio

With the release of SAP Fiori elements support for OData V4, it is now possible to create an SAP Fiori elements UI (List Report Object Page) application for a CAP Node.js service in an intuitive, simple, and quick manner. Learn how in this blog post.

SAP Business Application Studio is a safe development environment

Many customers that try out SAP Business Application Studio ask us how safe it is to use. They are interested in learning more about how security and data protection aspects are handled in the product. Learn about this topic in this blog post by Natalia Katunin.

Training and tutorials

SAP Fiori Overview: Design, Develop and Deploy openSAP course
SAP TechEd 2021 sessions (you can register and take part in additional workshop and Q&A sessions):

SAP TechEd lecture replays (you can also download the slides):

SAP Business Application Studio on-boarding tutorial:
Developing an SAP Fiori application for Cloud Foundry:
Create a list report object page app with SAP Fiori tools
Updated virtual UX100 course: SAP Fiori Foundation for SAP S/4HANA 1909
The course is updated with new topics like Fiori 3, SAP Business Application Studio, Fiori Elements, ABAP RESTful Application Programming Model (RAP).

Developer Events

SAP Cloud Platform Webcast on Introduction to SAP Business Application Studio
and SAP Fiori Tools
See how easy it is to build SAP Fiori elements apps using SAP’s new integrated development environment: SAP Business Application Studio.
January 26, 2021. 11:00am Eastern / 8:00am Pacific
February 11, 2021 2:00pm SGT / 5:00pm AEDT / 7:00am CET
Register for the 1-hour webcast + 30-minute Q&A.
UI5 NewsCast: A review of the year 2020
Listen to episode 15 of the UI5 NewsCast to find out what has happened during the year. UI5's chief product owner Stefan Beck and chief architect Peter Muessig review the highs and lows and twists and turns of 2020 for them personally and for the UI5 framework. This NewsCast is an openSAP Podcast, presented by SAP Education.

Have you seen our latest videos?

OData V4 floorplans for SAP Fiori elements
Chief Product Owners, Sebastian Steinhauer and Katja Zoch. demo new functionality and user experience enhancements in SAP Fiori tools and SAP Fiori elements apps.

Q & A

How can I get started with OData? This seems like the foundation of building apps for my SAP systems.
This blog post by Jan-Willem Kaagman provides a detailed, step-by-step guide on how to get started, including a test service and code samples you can use to learn the basics.
How can I make my value helps more intuitive for my users?
SAPUI5 1.84 introduced a new design that simplifies include/exclude operations and the corresponding tokenizers. This blog post by Vladimir Velinovexplains how to make the value help dialog more intuitive and functional.
My SAPUI5 app is running slowly. How can I troubleshoot the performance?
There are several possible causes, such as the JavaScript code, network, or configuration. This guide goes through several issues that have an impact on performance. Here is a performance checklist.
How can I check the connectivity to the backend system in SAP Business Application Studio?
In this blog by Andre Fischer, you can learn how to test the connectivity of a destination inside SAP Business Application.

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Peter, Conrad, Keren, and Oliver