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SAP Fiori Elements

SAP Fiori Development Newsletter

Dear SAP Fiori development newsletter subscriber,

If this was a normal year, some of us would be starting to pack our bags to attend SAPPHIRE in Orlando. Instead, we can all attend virtually from the comfort of our homes . We have a few UX sessions planned, including a strategy talk from Benedikt Lehnert, SAP’s new chief design officer. 
We are planning our editorial calendar for 2021. Please let us know what you are interested in.

Your editorial team,
Peter, Conrad, Oliver, and Keren

Development news

Discovering SAP Fiori elements analytical functions by implementing SAP support message reporting

Gregor Wolf shares some tips and tricks for creating analytical apps in SAP Fiori elements.

The guided development extension in SAP Fiori tools simplifies development

New functionality in SAP Business Application Studio makes it easy to add cards to an overview page app. This blog post by Yasasri Akkireddy steps through the process .

SAPUI5 continues to evolve

Peter Muessig explains how we balance innovation with protecting your investments in developing apps with SAPUI5.

The direction of SAPUI5

Just recently, SAPUI5 was Topic of The Month in the SAP Community. See these highlighted blog posts, showing the direction of SAPUI5 for SAP Fiori app development:

Connecting from SAP Business Application Studio to SAP BTP Cloud Foundry environment

Tamir Menahem outlines the process of connecting to SAP BTP Cloud Foundry through the lens of using different identity providers.

Achieve separate lifecycles for managed approuter applications with SAP Business Application Studio

Yuval Morad walks you through how to separate the front-end development cycle into different multitarget application (MTA) projects when you have teams working on different applications in an MTA project or when you have applications in an MTA with different lifecycles.

New version of "SAP Fiori launchpad Deployment options and recommendations"

While the end user experience of SAP Fiori launchpad is well aligned across different platforms, the design-time environment is platform-specific. Read the new version of the SAP Fiori Deployment Options and Recommendations Guidepresenting an overview of the different deployment options:

  • (1) SAP Fiori launchpad on ABAP 
  • (2) SAP Fiori launchpad on SAP Enterprise Portal 
  • (3) SAP Fiori launchpad on SAP Business Technology Platform.

This blog post summarizes the latest in SAP Fiori launchpad content administration and operations.

Training and tutorials

NEW: openSAP course on SAP Fiori development

We have put together a 4-week openSAP course on Developing and Extending SAP Fiori elements apps . In the first three weeks, we cover how to build SAP Fiori apps using SAP Fiori elements, SAP Fiori tools, and SAPUI5. We’ll generate the app to start the process, configure it without coding, enhance it with annotations, and extend it with custom SAPUI5 code. In the last week, we show how to extend a standard SAP Fiori app to meet your specific needs using SAPUI5 flexibility.
Join the 9000+ learners who have  already registered. Reserve your seat today:

SAP Fiori Overview: Design, Develop and Deploy openSAP course

The introduction to SAP Fiori course remains available . You can view the content, but the interactive forums are closed.

Tutorial update: Create a List Report Object Page App with SAP Fiori tools

The tutorial has been updated to feature new procedures and commands for using SAP Fiori tools.
Try it out here:

Developer events

UI5con ON AIR 2021

The community conference around SAPUI5 announces its 2021 ON AIR edition for June 16-17, 2021. Learn from UI5 experts and network with developers from around the world in this virtual conference.

Latest videos  and podcasts

openUI5 podcast series: SAP Fiori elements

Katja Zoch and Sebastian Steinhauer, Chief Product Owners for SAP Fiori elements discuss the relationship between SAP Fiori elements, SAPUI5, and the SAP Fiori design guidelines. They also talk about how you can build SAP Fiori-compliant web apps with SAP Fiori elements quickly and effectively.


How do I get started developing on SAP BTP (Business Technology Platform)?

There are so many resources, it can sometimes feel overwhelming. Tobias Steckenborn has compiled a list of learning resources to point you in the right direction.

How do I start using the intelligent features in SAP S/4HANA?

This is a common question that Javier Baltazar answers in a blog post about situation handling .

What is the best way to get my users onto SAP Fiori when we upgrade to SAP S/4HANA?

Jocelyn Dart shares some tips on moving users out of SAP GUI and onto SAP Fiori apps.

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Peter, Conrad, Keren, and Oliver

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