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This is a collaborative document to share lessons learned contents for Extending Fiori Apps in the community SAP Fiori.


Please feel free to insert the link of your document or blog by selecting the edit button from Actions. You can also search information and open a discussion if you can't find required information. Please don't forget to put the tag fiori.

You can extend SAP Standard apps without modification. This helps TCO and software life cycle maintenance cost.

New and Updated in the last 3 months:

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Jerry's Extensibility Docs:

Jerry Wang has shared many extensibility examples. We can learn a lot of things from Jerry's documents.

Jerry's blogs regarding Smart Template


You can use smart templates to create SAP Fiori applications based on OData services and annotations requiring no JavaScript UI coding. An application based on smart templates uses predefined template views and controllers that are provided centrally, so no application-specific view instances are required. The SAPUI5 runtime interprets metadata and annotations of the underlying OData service and uses the corresponding views for the SAP Fiori app at startup.


For example, so far ( 2016 April ) there is no standard Fiori application delivered for Service professional role in CRM area by SAP. With the help of Smart Template, it is easy for you to build a Fiori application which can manipulate Service Order create, update, read and search without JavaScript coding in frontend. The only necessary knowledge to achieve this is: ABAP + WebIDE + CDS view + a little knowledge about Smart template.


Here below are blogs from Jerry about how to build a service order application using Smart Template.

Meanwhile SAP has already delivered several reference application built by Smart Template to prove its power. You can play with those reference application from this link.


As mentioned previously, most of the development task working under Smart Template is now in CDS view. As a beginner who knows nothing about CDS view before, Jerry has written a series of CDS self study tutorials consisting of 8 parts, trying to introduce some logic occurring under the hood to gain a better understanding about this technology. This tutorial also contains debugging tips which are useful for trouble shooting. You can find the first part of this tutorial from here.


Fiori standard Control and Custom Control

If the default controls could not fulfill your requirement, it is possible to create custom control on your own. Please refer to How to create custom control from scratch from Angel Puertas for detail.


But before that, do you really understand how a simple control like button is designed and implemented in Fiori? Here is a tutorial using the most simple control, Button, as example to give you a 360 degree view on Fiori control.

It helps you to build better Fiori application if you knows those control essentials.

My Inbox Extensibility:

Extending OData:

Extending Fact Sheets, Analytical Apps:


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