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SAP Global Data Types (GDTs) are SAP-wide unified data types representing business-related content built according to the UN/CEFACT CCTS. All elements of SOA services are described (typed) by GDTs. They are the basis for the harmonization of the SAP SOA services.

This WIKI gives a brief introduction in what Global Data Types are and how SAP is designing Global Data Types.
Furthermore a complete catalog of all Global Data Types defined by SAP is contained in this WIKI.


Michael Seubert

Monica Reidl
Steffen Wolf


SAP Global Data Type Catalog

SAP Global Data Type Design Methodology (At a Glance)

SAP Global Data Type Design (Detailed)

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  1. Unknown User (106ip14b1)

    Thanks, have been searching for this type of info.  Is the CDT/GDT catalog also available as searchable html content?  That would be handy.