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2266782  Screen Output Without Connection to User - RABAX_STATE

2268929  ARA User first and last name not populated in risk violation alert notification

2267923  Risk Level text not displayed in Analysis Criteria in ARA report when 'ALL' is selected

2266383  SQL error in Role Relationship with User / User Group report

2269686  Batch Risk Analysis status 'Error' for connectors other than SAP

2269460  Empty user group was missing from Dashboard User Analysis

2268795  GRC Rule deletion programs explained

2228589  Master Note for SAP Access Control 10.1 - Support Pack 12

2265958  Batch Risk Analysis DBSQL SQL ERROR CX SY OPEN SQL DB



2267661  RAR Result export issue--Background

2266204  UAM: Role Selection parameters 2031, 2032, 2033 and 2034 are not considered in Organizational assignment requests

2264950  UAM: Default request type is not taken from EUP in access request and request type gets changed in template request

2239319  UAM: Approval status and provisioning action of lineitems not saved while running Risk analysis with YAC setting and YAC does not work for Business roles

2268177  Is it possible to skip a stage using Routing Rules?

2267661  RAR Result export issue--Background

2266895  Approval request # is currently being edited by user

2269093  Simplified request  HTML tags after submission

2262430  UAM: 'for user' in submission variable is not translated

2262348  User unable to create more than one request at a time

2236418  UAM: User group field is not editable in user system details tab in case of business role



2138999  GRC ARA: Risk Analysis considering unapproved business roles



2246230  Multiple issues with GRACEAM archiving object

2264047  AC 10.X EAM : Parameter 4020 is not considered in TImebased log Sync report

2260658  AC 10.X EAM : Reaquest Number/key is truncated in Firefighter log report review workflow

2270594  Controller ID search location



2243944  Manager Column Added to User Access Review

2138399  UAM: Incorrect role view displayed on selecting role in UAR request 






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