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2267923  Risk Level text not displayed in Analysis Criteria in ARA report when 'ALL' is selected

2151938  Role Repository sync taking too much time to complete

2268125  Deleted and expired user get synched even though customizing parameters is set

2255592  AC10.1-Mitigation down/upload tcodes have no SU22 objects

2172752  AC10.0 ARA SP20-Issue in upload mitigation-file location

2273467  Batch Risk Analysis job completes immediately and does not populate the tables

2191816  GRC-SAC- GRC 10.0 and 10.1 : Incorrect role type shown for Derived Roles in "Count Authorization in Roles" report



2168444  UAM: One request per system not working correctly with business role and for IDM

2250888  Automatic risk analysis displays incorrect output in model user access request

2220548  UAM: Not able to submit the request for LDAP group or CUA role removal

2168541  UAR: In UAR request the usage column is showing blank instead of null value(0)

2271318  Report to provide information for all users monitored by SAP GRC AC 10.x

2221336  UAM: Role Type is not getting filled after adding groups from existing assignment.

2212500  UAM: In access request, system validity dates gets changed on pressing enter in user id textbox and incorrect validity dates for change & unlock user request type and unable to select user group for business roles

2200123  First name in access request is showing duplicate entry

2269665  Central Controller is misspelled in the Access Control Owners screen

2222312  UAM: Filter text is displayed in existing assignment and model user



2273387  Service Level for EAM request

2260658  AC 10.X EAM : Request Number/key is truncated in Firefighter log report review workflow

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