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2231508  Risk Level default value and not text  report no results

2274102  Differences between incremental and full batch risk analysis

2270608  Size of table GRACUSERPRMVL negativelly impacts performance of Batch Risk Analysis

2202551  Restriction over mitigation control ID's not working for reports other than Mitigated Users

2224258  Service cannot be reached - Risk Analysis - Remediation View

2273464  GRAC_UPLOAD_RULES not updating tables GRACFUNCACTEXT & GRACFUNCPRMEXT for extended/non-SAP objects 


1997671  Unable to get the result on F4 screen on Access Request Page

2246668  UAM : Validity Date error in PD Profile removal and Model User Changes

2274404  Russian translation issue while importing users in multi user request.

2260281  UAM: User search is taking longer time

2255831  Fiori: Approver app extensions - Part 2

2245126  4014 Parameter is not taken care at the time of approval 


2273756  Wildcard search not working in Controller Assignment

2258817  EAM: Missing translations in Upload/Download utility for Firefighter master data 


2226702  Expired Roles are not getting deleted in sync table in case of non sap system


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