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2263753  Duplication of function id during SAVE operation of Functions and Actions

2270608  Size of table GRACUSERPRMVL negatively impacts performance of Batch Risk Analysis

2205515  Clean up invalid mitigation assignments

2106944  Cursor jumps to start of the search field when stop typing

2274102  Differences between incremental and full batch risk analysis

2033263  Existing role in backend system not found after incremental role sync

2171822  SAP GRC Access Control - standard SOD rules for SRM Webdynpro Application

2278287  Error message text not displayed in Validity dialog in Mitigated Users dashboard 


2218521  UAM: Repository synch job for portal system is deleting business role assignments from repository tables.

2107658  UAM: Custom defined field are blank on Simplified Access Request screen

2200123  First name in access request is showing duplicate entry

2246689  UAM 10.1 : Technical roles are coming selectable in Business roles

2276030  UAM: Completed requests are still having pending approver in the instance status 


2205998  How to specify the maximum length for the Role name?

2262786  Role List is not getting sorted in Role Maint

2138999  GRC ARA: Risk Analysis considering unapproved business roles and Portal group removed from GRACUSERROLE table after executing update assignment 


2221192  AC 10.X : EAM Log Review  Work-flow details

2278899  EAM: Search field for connector doesn't  return values when searched with *


2207224  UAR request gets finished without displaying any error message in case system is down.

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