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2229853  GRC and S/4HANA oP: compatibility information


2278057  Cross system analysis at Critical Action or Permission


2245389  IDM Service GRAC RISK ANALYSIS WOUT NO was not showing rolename for report fromat 3.

2281765  Risk Analysis Report filtering for messages

2198981  Missing Risk IDs on running Mitigating Control Report for a mitigating control 


2279575  Role Import functionality not working in case of CUA composite role with 'file on desktop' option

2273278  UAM System name shown in the role search system description column

2276983  UAM : Comments in OM request not visible during Approval & Filter not displayed during access request approval

2275679  LDAP account validity not consider 0x7FFFFFFFFFFFFFFF as a never expire

2234482  UAM: Simulation for CUA composite role is not working correctly and risk violations not displayed during approval for CUA Composite role

2279504  UAM: Business Process is mandatory in HR Org Assignment WebService & access request webservice doesn't allow PD profile

2273857  UAM : Error in FORWARD request if username contains wild cards 


2205907  EAM Database table changes (DBTABLOG) are not captured 


2269006  Impact Analysis in BRM considers users for which role has expired

2098161  Massimport of roles in backend

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