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2270626  NWBC not launching when accessing SAPGUI


2278377  Violation Comparisons dashboard report shows invalid comparison data


2273497  Consolidate Note for Greenlight adapter and GRC integration



2244581  GRACACTUS archiving session terminates with SAPSQL_SQLS_INVALID_CURSOR error

2283318  Results of ARA invalid mitigating control report incorrect

2278287  Error message text not displayed in Validity dialog in Mitigated Users dashboard

2282951  'OK' button in Mitigate Risk screen within role risk analysis result mitigates all risks

2278287  Error message text not displayed in Validity dialog in Mitigated Users dashboard

2273221  Role Type filter not working in Count Authorizations in Roles report

2285242  Mitiagtion Control Report shows duplicated results with wrong description

2283561  GRC ARA 10.0 and 10.1 : Discrepancies in Mitigation Object Report for Mitigated Roles

2263753  Duplicates while saving functions, dump in rule generation, transport missing rules



2281130   Fiori App - Request for Others: Request submission fails for some users

2284065   Fiori Approver Delegation is failing for approver app.

2275031  10.1: Change delegation link cannot be hidden if only AC application is active

2273002  UAM: Line item description and Assignment approver are not displayed in access request and dump on submitting multi user request

2256520  GRC   ARQ   Model User Functionality not working as expected and user group is not editable in user system details tab

2279543  UAM: Role search in access request does not return sorted as well as all results

2285337  Function Description column is missing in SOD

2284331  UAM: Custom HANA and Portal role names are not provisioned through web-service if the role name is having both upper and lower case



2275075  Role search is not working correctly with some search creterias

2283127  10.1: Columns not completely displayed in role maintenance and default role application

2138999  GRC ARA: Risk Analysis considering unapproved business roles and Portal group removed from GRACUSERROLE table after executing update assignment



2273770  AC 10.X EAM : Request Number/key is truncated in Firefighter log report review workflow - 2

2263264  GRC SPM: Error while asking for additional information in SPM work flow

2281975  AC 10.X EAM : Session details are not shown in Result BJ

2220583  EAM - Transaction Log and Session Details results blank, when executing for Critical Transaction only

2269092  GRC EAM 10.1 : Parameter 5033 is not considering for logon pad



2283072  Detour functionality and Cancel save rejection is not working in UAR

2251721  Action usage column is missing in SOD

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