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2287016  The filesystem of spool is getting full too quickly

2278293  Time Stamp not getting updated for Inc. User sync in GRACUSER 


2285623  Audit Log Entries not complete for OM request

2136559  UAM: Request rejection does not work with one user per Request per system and Invalid date range valid-to date cannot be earlier than current date 

2284766  UAM 10.X: Default Period not considered while requesting roles and Business role is submitted with Connector through user access webservice 

2213362  10.x - 'Open SQL command is too big' error in Access Requests Report

2288412  Hr Organization request not throwing any error related to connector in case of connector not working at the approval stage 


2195404  AC 10 1 Copy of Business Roles loose the validation period

2109456  [M] GRC Buffer issue

2285655  Invalid Role Import at Non-PFCG Role Authorization

2281902  Multiple single roles from different landscapes not imported

2194597  Search roles in mitigated roles does not work properly

2033279  AC BRM 10.0 :Issue while perfroming Authorization sync.

2273602  BRM: Lowercase users not visible in User to Role Relationship report for WS type connectors 


1998550  How to test HANA connector

1607232  GRC 10.0 Enterprise Portal Configuration 


2285515  AC 10.X EAM : Invalid user serach is not working properly.

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