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2290546  Date format validation issue in upload mitigation program

2285215  Unable to Exclude 'user type' from BRA jobs



2279575   Role Import functionality not working in case of CUA composite role with 'file on desktop' option

2203927  In Display mode of the role, ticket number dialogue box should not be displayed

2288237  GRC 10.1 Control alignment is not consistent on template based request

2260797  GRC AC ARQ - Wrong authorization check for new users in end user form

2218521  UAM: Repository synch job for portal system is deleting business role assignments from repository tables.

2184361  UAM: Incorrect activity considered for GRAC_SYS authorization object in search request application

2288396  UAM:  Approver is getting error while trying to submit access request for already existing user.

2273849  Dump when displaying roles / adding roles to access requests

2213362  10.x - 'Open SQL command is too big' error in Access Requests Report


2288663  BRM List of generated roles table in generation phase displays incomplete values.

2169447  BRM: Maintenance level not correctly displayed in roles

2272510  Role generation for long time



2289341  GRC EAM 10.X : Role based firefighter giving error as invalid Firefighter ID

2281975  AC 10.X EAM : Session details are not shown in resultview when run in Back ground

2258817  EAM: Missing translations in Upload/Download utility for Firefighter master data

2290965   Firefighter Ids Not available for selection

2266192   Truncation of Firefighter ID Description

2263264  GRC SPM: Error while asking for additional information in SPM work flow



2286443   Re-routing function not working for Approver

2230867  WF: Return event e-mail notification not being sent again if already sent once

1929830  Failing to Assign multiple users to role

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