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2144736  Delete or Purge the Risk Analysis background jobs spool data.

2136234  Incorrect orgrule mitigation getting saved from access request

2134502  Orgrule mitigation not working in access request

2133851  Role usage not working correctly for non SAP system

2132329  Dump while executing GRAC_ROLEREP_ROLE_SYNC job

2144766  How to maintain Permission Level rules - 'No Violations' show

2138299  Risk Analysis BG job failing - ABAP DUMP  'SYSTEM_NO_ROLL'

2137070  Performance improvement for GRAC_UPLOAD_MIT_ASSIGNMENTS

2124416  Error when deleting records from Mitigating control

2115776  User sync does not consider search data source configuration for HR data

2132541  Role dashboard does not show detailed results after executing Repository sync in full mode

2132202  UAM Incorrect message for Control maintenance WF

2079107  Issues with Role Analysis Dashboard

2145971  Improve Role search for HANA FUZZY

2142049  Error "Role does not exist" while running Risk Analysis for HANA connector




2143075  GRC Role Search is not returning the correct result for Role Sensitivity field.

2140727  UAM: Firefighter IDs are selectable from existing assignment even super user access action type is not  in request type.

2132151  UAM: Getting ASSERT condition dump while adding incomplete business role in access request.

2136750  UAM: Audit log shows incorrect results when approval and removal of Business roles with common technical roles happen in the same request

2134459  In copy request, Role Comments attribute is not translated in Japanese.

2133383  UAM: Incorrect information is display for business role removal in provisioning log.

2124599  Repository is not getting updated correctly for Retain Action.

2119169  Risk Analysis is not working correctly for Business Role Removal.

2143001  * [M] Provision Failure with Multiple Requests and Parameter

2130625  UAM Role search done for action not consider authorization



2134962  UAR: Issue with business role removal in UAR request

2132850  UAR: Error on approving UAR Request even after performing actions on all items

2141517  UAM: Comments handling issue in SoD Review

2138674  Analyzing criti. profi. e.g. SAP_ALL in SAP GRC via workitem



2143380  AC10.1 EAM consolidated report failed to show session details

2145577  EAM: Unlock button is not visible on EAM Launchpad for logged in FireFighter users



2138999  GRC ARA: Risk Analysis considering unapproved business roles

2126831  CUA Composite Role is unavailable in list of action in role report in Reports and Analytics

2141339  Org Unit criteria in Risk analysis leads to No Result

2138999  GRC ARA: Risk Analysis considering unapproved business roles



2144796  UAM: Spanish language translations missing in Access Control 10.1

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