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2295922  Supplementary rules not working

2193682  Action usage shows incorrect risks for action usage

2194631  AC10 1 SP08  Tables resizing   mitigate roles

2235825  Mitigation Assignment Upload Risk ID is not valid

2297757  Checkman error for cl_grac_user_rep set_user.

2296496  Repository Sync Slow Performance for high number of deleted users

2293120  AC10.X  ARA SP13- Dump in Risk Violation-Large Data

2290546  Date format validation issue in upload mitigation program

2272414  GRAC_UPLOAD_MIT_ASSIGNMENTS does not work for different logon language

2298026  Action usage report not showing correct action

2298009  Authorization sync not working for org levels

2290297  AC GRC 10.X ARA : NWBC 750 issues in FPM

2268795  GRC Rule deletion programs explained



2260797  GRC AC ARQ - Wrong authorization check for new users in end user form

2298034  HR trigger not working: SMQ1 queue is empty, no logs in SLG1, requests not created.



2290298  AC10.1 BRM:List of Actions report is nor working correctly



2294196  CustConn: Action Usage Report have similar ability as a UAR - Role by User by Execution Count

2290702  GRC 10.1 Action Usage Report by Role enhancement



2285752  UAM: User Review Status Report does not show all requests

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