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2144171  AC 10.X - Mitigating Roles Upload throwing errors.

2079107  Issues with Role Analysis Dashboard

2149361  Incorrect message handling during incremental user sync

1960807  New BADI to filter users during the repository sync

2149124  10.1 Risk Analysis Report export error

2150058  Monthly GRC Risk Analysis is no longer capturing the latest data

2149959  System fields are empty in GRC security reports

 2133828  Repository Sync is failing for PD Profile synchronization


2130625  UAM Role search done for action not consider authorization

2146667  UAM: Incorrect request type considered in template based request

2119949  When using the end user portal, user clicks on an open request and clicks the Role link. User is prompted for User Id and Password

2081848  Report to check business role assignment not working correctly

2142534  DBSQL query dumps on Delete internal table in LDAP sync

2065960  SQL warning in report to check business role assignment

1941529  SAP Fiori Role Search Requirements

2149194  UAM: Request submission for more than 12 characters possible for SAP system

2149459  Unable to Remove/retain FFID from the user at Approval

2146762  Unable to Remove/retain FFID from the user in the Request

2132193  UAM: Copy request not working on business role in case of active CUA

2130306  Remediation view is not showing any data for Risk Analysis Result.

2150192  UAM: Notification for a multi user request not sent correctly


2141339  Org Unit criteria in Risk analysis leads to No Result

2107636  GRCAC10.1BRM Role Metdlogy moves to Compl stg after chang

1878891  Critical Role/Profile Risk not shown during role generation

1871532  Role is not getting properly displayed.

2147479  Duplicate TCodes after Authorization

2147413  Incorrect default connector message while adding roles to a business role

2091530  Duplicate TCodes after Authorization


2149995  Firefighter Log Review MSMP Request Generation issue


2141517  UAM: Comments handling issue in SoD Review

2132850  UAR: Error on approving UAR Request even after performing actions on all items

2140164  Dump in UAR due to huge data

2150074  Notifications do not work in MSMP UAR process



2144796  UAM: Spanish language translations missing in Access Contol 10.1

2150117  GRC Application Components are not getting started after Installing the Access Control 10.1 Portal Plug-in



2150049  Requests are Stuck with Status Decision Pending on MSMP Workflow

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